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Simple Package Manager for Embedded Python 3.x of Origin

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This app lets you install/uninstall packages from PyPI or wheel files for the Python 3.7 embedded in Origin.


Download the file Package Manager for Python.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


The package manager will add or remove files. It's highly recommended to launch this app in a new Origin session, or at least save your project before any operation.

List Installed Packages

Only packages installed to the <Program Data Folder>\..\PyPackage\Py3\64bit or <Program Data Folder>\..\PyPackage\Py3\32bit will be listed. It does not check the system environment to keep changes limited to the embedded Python in Origin. Click on the ? button to update the list after installing/uninstalling packages.

Install a Package

A package can be installed from PyPI or wheel files to <Program Data Folder>\..\PyPackage\Py3\64bi or <PProgram Data Folder>\..\PyPackage\Py3\32bi. Click on the + button to install a package.

  1. Install Package from PyPI (recommeded)
    Make sure the package is available on PyPI. Enter the package name into the popup dialog Install Package and click the OK button.
    You can install a particular version by specifying it. For example, scipy==1.2.1 installs scipy of version 1.2.1. Scipy 1.2.1 requires numpy (>=1.8.2) which will be installed automatically. Be aware that, if the required package has been installed, this operation will update it.
  2. Install Package from Wheel File
    Make sure the wheel file is applicable to the embedded Python in Origin. Enter the full path of it or click the ... button to select the very wheel file. Everything is same as installing from PyPI except that you cannot specify the package version.

Once installed, you can import it directly. For example: import scipy

Uninstall a Package

This operation removes related files from the disk.
To uninstall a package, select it and choose Uninstall from the context menu. This app will reject further process if the package is in use.
In some case, it requires restarting Origin to uninstall a package successfully. This happens mostly after upgradating.


Change installation target to be compatible with Origin 2020b
Support running NOT as administrator

Updated to support Python 3.7
Custom PyPI repository

v1.1 Bug fix: Cannot insert system path for Python 3.x 32-bit embedded in Origin.

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