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Import NMR data in different formats.

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This App imports NMR data in different formats, including FID data and processed data.


Download the Import NMR Data.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.


Basic Usage


  1. Click on the Import NMR Data app icon.
  2. Choose the data type of your NMR data.  Supported data type are
    • Bruker TopSpin FID/SER
    • Bruker TopSpin Processed Data
    • Variant/Agilent FID
  3. Choose the data to import.
    • Bruker TopSpin FID/SER
      The data should be located in the <ExpNo> folder named either fid for 1D data for ser for multi-dimensional data.
    • Bruker TopSpin Processed Data
      The data should be located in the <ExpNo>/pdata/<ProcNo> folder named 1r, 1i, 2rr, 2ii, 2ri, 2ir, 3rr etc.
    • Variant/Agilent FID
      The data should be located in the <***.fid> folder named fid.
  4. Click on the Open button to import the selected data into a new worksheet and a new matrixsheet (for Bruker TopSpin 2D processed data only).



Please contact OriginLab if your want to import NMR data not supported by this App. You may also have a try of NMR Tools for Origin 8.x, 9.x.


* fix bug of importing BRUKER 1D processed data.
* BRUKER processed data units are converted from Hz to ppm.

Reviews and Comments:
10/21/2021OriginLabHi bkeser2,

Could you please send your data file to us? If you have converted the data file to known format, please also send us.

10/20/2021bkeser2it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

06/24/2021snowliHi @ernluf,
See the mininum version field of this page. It's 2020 (9.7). So please consider upgrading to Origin 2020 at least so u can use the App.

Thanks, Snow

06/07/2021ernlufI have Origin 2019b?How do I do it?

10/01/2020jalexanderl1017It is not working.

08/06/2020OriginLabHi arafatkhan,

Sure, you can use this app in Origin 2020. If you met any problem on using this app, please just send us a sample file via to help us verify the problem here.


08/06/2020arafatkhanIs it possible to use onmr tool in origin 2020? I am trying to import it but does not work? please let me know. Thanks

06/01/2020OriginLabHi zeejay, could you please tell me which type of file you want to import? Does the folder of fid/ser file contain acqus and acqu2s files?

OriginLab Techical Support

05/29/2020zeejayI am unable to import any of my Bruker data. It just opens and selects the file and nothing happens.why?

05/29/2020 Does not import the Bruker ser or fid files.