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Batalyse is a universal evaluation program for measurement data of batteries and fuel cells. With Batalyse you evaluate measured data faster and better than ever before!

Screen Shot and Video:

How to use:

  • Klick on "Launch Batalyse" button and select your measurement file
  • Fill in your test sample data in the parameter mask
  • Click on the "Submit & Run" button
  • If you encounter bugs, please forward a measurement file ( We'll update the code in a few hours/days and upload a new version
  • Please check our ( for further features

Batalyse is an Origin app designed for battery and fuel cell scientists and engineers by Fraunhofer ICT, Germany.
The aim of Batalyse ("Battery + Analyse") is the fast and comprehensive evaluation of measurement data generated during the examination of materials, cells, modules, stacks and batteries, independent of cell chemistry.
Batalyse evaluates measured data independently of the applied measuring device, file format, structure and electrochemical method.
The plotted result diagrams can be created in up to two desired languages and can be selected and prioritized according to your own requirements.

Further features:

  • supported measurement methods - cycling, CV, EIS, pulse tests, thickness change, DEMS
  • numerous supported cell formats (e.g. 18650)
  • batch evaluation - evaluation of several measurements in succession
  • display and comparison of any cycles (e.g. voltage curves)
  • several dozen possible, pre-sortable result diagrams
  • automatic labeling of the diagrams (e.g. C-rate, power, current, ...)
  • measurement data import via local data carriers, network or databases/SQL Server
  • comparison of measurements and entire measurement series
  • customizable diagrams (title, axes, legend, ...)
  • interrupted measurements from multiple files can be easily repaired
  • directly export your result diagrams as image files (e.g. jpg)
  • etc.

We typically provide an update of Batalyse every few weeks in which we implement user requests, fix bugs or support additional measurement devices free of charge etc.
If you need any features or have problems with the evaluation, you are welcome to contact us (

Batalyse is currently in the trial phase, during which it can be used free of charge.
During the trial, each version has a set expiration date. To continue using Batalyse after your version has expired, please update Batalyse to the newest available version.

Further modules connected to this app will be published in the near future.
The database “Mind” stores all background information and metadata concerning a measurement and exchanges test specimen profiles with Batalyse directly.

For further information, please check our website ( Our Wiki ( also provides helpful information for the use of Batalyse.

Curves selection
Easy selection and comparison of voltage curves
Easy selection and comparison of measurements
Some of the possible result diagrams from a measurement file
Direct export of diagrams
C-Rate choice
Choices for C-Rate and co.
Cell Formats
Numerous cell formats to choose from
Languages available for the result diagrams
Direct access to SQL Server
Supported measuring devices (Feb. 2020) - Further extension upon request


2021.05 (updated 18.03.2021, valid until 30.04.2021)
* Added “Continue Import” button, which allows you to continue the analysis of a test file which was already partly analyzed.
This function currently doesn’t support Excel files.
* Improved the automatic column recognition algorithm, and added the possibility to manually assign columns to their content type.
This function currently supports electrochemical cycling column types.
* Added a selection for calculating efficiency values also between cycles with different current rates.
* Added an option for emptying the content of raw data columns which are not used in the analysis in order to reduce the total project file size.
* Bug fixes and performance improvement

The complete change log is found at

Reviews and Comments:
11/09/2020richinexBatalyse is the best available software for the analysis of battery data. Great support!

10/15/2020Satoshi IkunoBatalyse は電気化学のテストにおいて、全データセットやそのうち一部を並行で扱い、比較するのに大いに役立ちます。
:) Satoshi Ikuno

10/13/2020Jan PetitFor me, Batalyse is a great support in the evaluation of measurement data in the battery sector.
It allows me to evaluate and compare large amounts of data in a time-saving way.
Furthermore, it is applicable for more complex use cases, e.g. for gas analytical investigations or thickness measurements.
Since I have used Batalyse for the first time, there have been continuous improvements.
I can only highly recommend it!

10/13/2020Samuel.SFinally I can merge my numerous single measurement files and analyze them in a quick and easy way.

10/12/2020MichaelHolzapfelBatalyse helps much in treating and comparing electrochemical test data of all kind and of several data sets in parallel.
The crew is open to implement new functions or features upon request ... thank you!