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Import PDF Tables

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Download the Import_PDF_Tables.opx, and then drag-and-drop onto Origin workspace.

An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

This app dependes on

  • Embedded Python in Origin
  • Media Feature Pack from Microsoft
    If this is not available on your OS, you can install it manually. On Windows 10, you can install it as following:
    1. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Apps and Features > Optional Features > Add a Feature
    2. Find the Media Feature Pack in the list of available Optional Features.
    3. Restart the computer.
  • Ghostscript
    This app will try to install it if it's not available. Make sure Ghostscript is added to the PATH environment variable. Restarting Origin is required after installing it or adding it to the PATH.
  • Pandas
    If there are errors about pandas not found. Please install/re-install it and restart Origin.


  1. Click on the app icon to select an PDF file and open the "Extract PDF Tables" dialog.
  2. Enter the page(s) from which you want to extract tabular data.
  3. Click on the "OK" button.

Note: There is actually NO "table" in PDF files. Please always check if the tabular data is recognized and extracted correctly.


v1.4 support installing the app not as administrator.
v1.3 bug fix.
v1.2 options for Lattice method and Stream method

Reviews and Comments:


08/21/2023OriginLabHi, aplotnikov,

We have improved and published v1.4 for this app. The requirement on admin rights for installation procedure is removed from v1.4.

05/10/2023aplotnikovI have to apologize partly - under circumstances the installation of some py-packages failed. After the re-installing of packages the app works properly - at least if you try to convert data from files containing tables only. I changed my rating as well. However the necessity of admin rights for the installation still seems very inconvenient.

05/03/2023OriginLabHi aplotnikov,

Have you tried restart Origin? Please also go to menu Connectivity->Python Packages..., see if the package camelot-py is installed.

05/03/2023aplotnikovThe requirement on admin rights for installation procedure is extremely annoying. After restricting of user rights app didn't work anymore ("ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'camelot'").