2.63 Statistical Process Control (Pro)

Statistical process control (SPC) or statistical quality control (SQC) is the application of statistical techniques to measure, monitor and control the quality of a process.

SPC helps to improve quality and predict the behavior of the process.

The Statistical Process Control app provide following SPC tools to help user on the purpose.

How to download and install the app

  • Click Add Apps button in Apps Gallery to open App Center, search Statistical Process Control and install the app.
  • Download the App from the OriginLab File Exchange, drag and drop the OPX file to Origin to install it

Sample OPJ

The sample opj will be used in the tutorials in the chapter.

  • Download the project file from here and open it in Origin.
  • After the app is installed, right click on the icon in Apps Gallery and select Shows Sample Folder from the context menu
Topics covered in this section: