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Connect to a file and import it using an Origin Import Filter.

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This app can be used to import from a file or website by a specified Origin import filter. It can connect to the source file, when the source is changed, the imported data in Origin is also updated.

This App is preshipped in Origin. You can also install it from Origin's File Exchange page. Download ImpFilterConnector.opx file, and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window's Connector tab. New menu items are added to Origin's menu DataConnect to File and DataConnect to Web.


  1. Make a worksheet active. Click the Import Filter Connector icon in the Apps Gallery window's Connector tab. You can also launch the App by selecting Data: Connect to File or Connect to Web from Origin menu after it is installed.
  2. In the opened dialog, it will ask you whether to import from a website. If you choose No, it will prompt you to choose a file to import in the opened dialog. In the opened Select Filter dialog, select the filter's folder from the drop-down list, four options are available: Show filters in data file folder, Show filters in Origin's Filters folder, Show filters in the User Files Filters folder and Show filters in all folders, and choose an Origin import filter to import the file in the dialog's filter list. Click OK button, the file will be imported in Origin's worksheet.
  3. A green Connector icon will be shown in the imported worksheet. Click on the green icon, you can choose Data SourceSelect ..., ImportAuto ImportDisconnect SheetRemove Data ConnectorExclude Imported When Saving or Common Data Path from the short-cut menu. Disconnect Sheet will lose the connection of  data in the sheet with the source file. There are three options for Auto Import: None, On Project Open and On ChangeNone option will not update imported data even the source file is changed, and you can choose Import from the short-cut menu to update it manually. On Project Open will update imported data when the project fileis opened. And On Change will update the imported data when the source is changed. Menu items Re-Import Directly and Re-Import in Origin's menu Data work in the same way as Import and Select... in the short-cut menu.


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