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Peak Analysis

Origin provides powerful and versatile tools such as Peak Analyzer, Quick Peaks Gadget, Integration Gadget, etc. for baseline correction, peak detection, peak integration and peak fitting.


With Peak Analyzer, you can detect hidden or "convoluted" peaks and fit them with a baseline created by fitting manually picked anchor points.

Baseline Correction


Create baseline for XPS using Shirley or Tougaard method and adjust corresponding parameters to optimize.


Create baseline using Asymmetric Least Squares (ALS) Smoothing method.


Create a straight line as baseline by setting the Y intercept and slope.

Peak Finding/Determination

Origin allows you to search for peaks including hidden ("convoluted") peaks and filter out unwanted peaks or manually add or remove peaks.

After finding peaks, you can filter out unwanted peaks:


You can easily locate peaks using the Quick Peaks Gadget and filter or remove unwanted peaks.


You can quickly and interactively find peaks on the graph using Quick Peaks Gadget.


You can quickly locate and tag peaks using peak analyzer.


You can easily detect and separate hidden peaks apart with Peak Analyzer.

Peak Integration

In Origin, you can integrate data with multiple peaks, to obtain peak areas, FWHM and other peak characteristics. Baseline subtraction is supported before peak integration.

Available options include:


With the Integrate Gadget, you can graphically drag the ROI object to quickly view the area and FWHM results for each distinct peak.


With the Quick Peaks Gadget, you can find both positive and negative peaks and output peak areas, FWHM, etc., for overlapped peaks. Optional peak fitting is supported.


With Peak Analyzer, you can find and fit peaks to obtain fitted peak areas.

Peak Fitting PRO

Origin provides many tools to perform peak fitting:

Available options for peak fitting include:


You can manually pick anchor points on a spectrum and then connect or fit the anchor points to create a baseline, then simultaneously fit both positive and negative peaks.

Surface Peak Analysis PRO

Origin provides two ways to analyze peaks in 2D surface data:

2D Integration GadgetPRO

  • Perform surface peak analysis on image or contour plot
  • Use ROI object to easily select area of interest
  • Subtract base plane, and integrate
  • Instantly view surface peak results on graph


With the 2D Integration Gadget, you simply position the region-of-interest (ROI) on a target peak and instantly view surface peak results.

Surface Peak Fitting PRO

  • Fit peaks with over 20 built-in functions or a user defined function
  • Fit XYZ or matrix data from a worksheet or a graph
  • Locate multiple peaks using one of many peak identification methods
  • Apply bounds and to parameters, as well as fix desired parameters
  • Find specific Z values at specific X, Y values using the fit surface


You can perform surface peak fitting using the Nonlinear Curve Fit tool and overlay a fitted surface of contour lines on the raw data. The detailed surface peak results will be outputted to report sheet.

Time-Saving Peak Analysis Features

Origin provides a Batch Peak Analysis tool that lets you perform peak analysis on multiple datasets.

Batch Peak Analysis Using Theme

Manually analyze a typical dataset in Peak Analyzer, and save your custom settings to a theme file. Analyze multiple datasets using the your saved theme.

With the Batch Peak Analysis tool, you can:


You can save peak analysis settings in Peak Analyzer as a Theme and reuse these settings to batch process other files or datasets. You can also pre-process your peak data using LabTalk scripts in the Batch Peak Analysis dialog.

Analyze Multiple Curves Using Gadget

Batch peak analysis is also available with the Quick Peaks Gadget:

  • Visually perform analysis on region of interest (ROI)
  • Easily switch peak function
  • Subtract baseline for peak integration
  • Quick analyze all curves in current graph layer or page
  • Save settings as theme for repeat use


With Quick Peaks Gadget, you can use an existing curve as baseline and quickly output the analysis results for all curves in current graph.


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