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Origin Blog Launch!

OriginLab recently launched a new blog about Origin and OriginPro. The information that was previously in our newsletters will now appear on our blog along with additional customer stories, technical tips, and resources about Origin from OriginLab staff.

Recent Blog Posts

How to Create a Timeline in Origin 2015
Learn how to create custom timeline/chronological charts by following the step by step tutorial in this recent blog post.

Temperature as Secondary X Axis in Arrhenius Plot
An Arrhenius Plot is usually shown with 1/T on the X axis, so in this blog post we show how you can add a top X axis showing the corresponding temperature in Celsius.

XYZ Contour Plot with Colormap from Second Z and Custom Boundary
Learn how to make a 2D contour plot with color mapped to one Z values but contour lines from another Z values and apply the custom boundary.

Extracting Dates From Text Strings
Learn how to handle text string processing in worksheet calculations.

Different Scales on Same Axis with Zero Gap Axis Break
Learn how to divide a continuous axis into two separate sub-ranges to make different scales on the same axis.

Statistics on Rows
Learn to use the "Statistics on Rows" menu command and the rowstats X-Function to output statistics for non-contiguous/multi-sheet data.

How to Control the Increment List
Learn how to customize the order of the colors of bars, lines or symbols by creating increment lists.

New Training Webinars

We are now offering free weekly webinars covering different topics to highlight some of the key features in our latest software. Topics include Intro to Origin, Curve Fitting, Peak Analysis, Intro to Programming in Origin, Data Processing and Statistics, and Customizing Graphs. During our webinars our tech support team is available to answer your questions. Visit our training webinar page to register for an upcoming webinar or watch recordings of our previous webinars.

New Graphs in Graph Gallery

Check out this graph showing a special contour line to indicate a particular elevation.

Learn how to make this graph yourself by reading this blog post.


Origin/OriginPro Service Release 2 Now Available
This patch can only be applied to Origin 2015 SR1. We encourage all users who have Origin/OriginPro 2015 SR1 to download this update.

Origin Viewer 9.2 Now Available
Learn more about how you can simplify colaboration and sharing with your colleagues. Check out the details.

Orglab 9.3 Now Available
Orglab is a freely-distributed component DLL for directly creating Origin Project and Window filetypes. Check out the details and download the update.

New File Exchange Items
Tool to solve Ordinary Differential Equations: Learn more

Workbook template with CIE 1931 color space chromaticity diagram and CIE 1976 UCS diagram: Learn more

Tool to find baseline using asymmetric least squares smoothing (ALS) method: Learn more

Upcoming Events

OriginLab will be attending these upcoming tradeshows:

APS 2015, San Antonio, TX
Dates: Mar 3 - 5, Booth#: 355

ACS Fall 2015, Boston, MA
Dates: Aug 18-20, Booth#: 538

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