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License Borrowing on Mobile Computers

Your FLEXnet Concurrent Network management supports borrowing. This means that Origin computers can be detached from the FLEXnet server and still run Origin for a limited time. By default, the maximum allowed borrow time is one week. This maximum time is encoded in the FLEXnet server license file you obtain from the OriginLab website. If you require a shorter or longer maximum borrow time (up to one year), please notify OriginLab

For more information for using an extended borrow time, please see Changing the Borrow Time.

To learn how to restrict users from borrowing, see Restricting Origin Use with an Options File.

Borrowing a License on the User Computer

  1. Open Origin.
  2. Click on Help; About Origin.
  3. Click on License.
  4. Click Borrow.

  5. Select from the dropdown the number of days that you would like to borrow the license.
    NOTE: The maximum number of days in the dropdown is one day less than the maximum in the license file. The numbers shown can be manually overwritten if the number of days you requested is a number in between the number of days shown.

    Example: Days requested is 100 days.

    • Click in the dropdown box where the number of days is.
    • Type in 100 days.

  6. Click Request Now.
  7. You should see a message stating that your license has been checked out successfully.
  8. Disconnect the user computer from the network BEFORE a restart of Origin if you left the "Return borrowed license when reconnect to network" checked.
    NOTE: If you restart Origin while still connected to the network your license will automatically be checked back in unless you UN-checked the "Return borrowed license when reconnect to network" checkbox to borrow the license.

A Note on Roaming User Profiles:

Roaming profiles are not supported by the FLEXnet license borrowing feature. However, borrowing can be made to work with roaming profiles if you use the following procedure:

To borrow a license:

  1. Log in to the computer using your roaming profile (computer is connected to network.).
  2. Start your Origin and borrow a license.
  3. Close Origin.
  4. Disconnect from the network, then shut down the computer. (By disconnecting before shutting down, you keep the profile local instead of storing it on the roaming-profile-server.)

To check in a borrowed license:

  1. Start the computer and log in using your roaming profile (WITHOUT connecting to the network).
  2. Reconnect the computer to the network.
  3. Start your Origin. It will automatically return the borrowed license.

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