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MSI Installation

Important information for upgrade users:

The 2024b MSI installer instructions are different from Origin 2020. Serial number, install path etc. are read from an optional config.ini file rather than from the command line. Please refer to Running the MSI for Quiet installation for instructions of installing Origin 2024b using the MSI Installer.


    1 When should you use the MSI Installer vs. the InstallShield Setup Installer?
    2 Download the MSI Installer
    3 About Required Microsoft DLLs
    4 Running the MSI Directly
    5 Running the MSI for Quiet installation
    6 Uninstalling Origin
    7 MSI Product Codes


When should you use the MSI Installer vs. the InstallShield Setup Installer?

OriginLab offers two types of installers: InstallShield Setup and MSI Installer. Find the comparison between the two installers here.


Download the MSI Installer

Just the Origin 2024b MSI installer (for manual installation): Download now.

Origin 2024b MSI installer plus supporting files and instructions for Quiet installation: Download now.


About Required Microsoft DLLs

Origin is built using Microsoft (MS) Visual Studio, and thus it requires certain MS DLLs to run. These DLLs need to exist on the computer where Origin runs. If you run Origin on a computer without these DLLs, the user will see an MS DLL error at Origin startup.

Download the MS redistributable exes (MS DLL installers):

  1. vc_redist.x86-2015-2022.exe
  2. vc_redist.x64-2015-2022.exe

It may be convenient to list them all in a batch file and use the /quiet switch. Then each will install silently in sequence. If they are already installed, they will remain installed.

REM 1) The following line installs the 32 bit (x86) MS redistributable for 2015-2022
VC_redist.x86.exe /q
REM 2) The following line installs the 64 bit (x64) MS redistributable for 2015-2022
VC_redist.x64.exe /q

You can also include the Origin MSI in this batch file. See the Running the MSI for Quiet installation section below.


Running the MSI Directly

You can run the Origin 2024b MSI directly by double-clicking on the .msi file on the local machine. During installation, you must enter your serial number. After installation, a program folder named OriginLab Origin2024b will appear in the Start Programs menu list.


Running the MSI for Quiet installation

Additional supporting files and instructions are included in the "Origin 2024b MSI installer plus supporting files and instructions for Quiet installation" package. Download it at this link, extract the package and follow the instructions below.


Step 1. Edit Config.ini

In Origin 2024b, you can add serial number and other setup options into Config.ini. See the [Setup] section.

See the [Locations] section to preset the User Files folder so no dialog will appear to the user when they first run Origin.

Auto activate license:

  • For Network Concurrent license
  • Enter the concurrent license server and port number (if any) into the [License] section of config.ini. This will prevent the end user from needing to enter the license server and port at first startup. If there is already a server and port specified on a computer, the existing server and port will not be overwritten.

  • For Multiple-User Node-Locked license
  • Set ActivateGroupLicense=1 in the [License] section of config.ini. This will run "Origin64.exe -AGL" as Administrator at the end of installation, which will activate Origin using the Group Product Key in pk.txt, then exit. Refer to this page Group Product Key to obtain a Group Product Key to save into pk.txt.

Finally, you can suppress certain dialogs from appearing. These are already preset to not appear in the config.ini file. You do not need to change these unless you want a message dialog to appear to your end users.

Previously this was done using an MST file (msi transform file). An MST file is not needed for Origin 2024b.


Step 2. Download any MS redistributables your target computer needs.

You can download the MS redistributables from About Required Microsoft DLLs and add these files to the same folder as the msi and bat files.

Then in Origin2024b-QuietInstall.bat, un-comment the MS redistributables you want to install.


Optional Steps
  • Preset customized files like interface settings, templates, fitting functions, etc.
  • If you want to customize end users' Origin like menus and buttons, graph templates, fitting functions, etc., you can create a UpdateUserFiles folder in the folder where the MSI installer locates, and put the customized files (OMC, XML, otpu, ini, fdf, etc.) to the UpdateUserFiles folder. They will be copied to each end user's User Files folder when they start Origin for the first time.


Step 3. Run the bat file Origin2024b-QuietInstall.bat

Do NOT add the serial number etc to the command line as in previous versions of Origin. You do not need to add any MST file. See step 1 above.


Uninstalling Origin

To uninstall Origin, choose one of the following options:

  • Run the Repair, Modify or Remove shortcut in the OriginLab Origin2024b program folder created by the msi installer,
  • Or open the MS Windows control panel's Add or Remove Programs program and look for Origin 2024b and select Uninstall,
  • Or run the command line:
  • msiexec /x {82152D24-C15D-4963-9DA8-596F0FA33BBC} /passive


MSI Product Codes

  • Origin 2024b
  • {82152D24-C15D-4963-9DA8-596F0FA33BBC}


[-] MSI Product Codes for old version

Origin 8


Origin 8.1


Origin 8.5


Origin 8.5.1


Origin 8.6 32bit and 64bit


Origin 9 32bit and 64bit


Origin 9.1 32bit and 64bit


Origin 2015 32bit and 64bit


Origin 2016 32bit


Origin 2016 64bit


Origin 2017 32bit


Origin 2017 64bit


Origin 2018 SR0 32bit


Origin 2018 SR0 64bit


Origin 2018 SR1 32bit


Origin 2018 SR1 64bit


Origin 2018b 32bit


Origin 2018b 64bit


Origin 2019 32Bit


Origin 2019 64Bit


Origin 2019b 32Bit


Origin 2019b 64Bit


Origin 2020 64Bit


Origin 2020b 64Bit


Origin 2021 64Bit


Origin 2021b (SR0)


Origin 2021b SR1


Origin 2021b SR2


Origin 2022


Origin 2022b


Origin 2023


Origin 2023b


Origin 2024



You can uninstall using these Product Codes by running msiexec from the command line as follows:

msiexec /x {product_code} /passive


Example: command line to uninstall Origin 2024b MSI installation:

  • To uninstall Origin 2024b MSI installation:
  • msiexec /x {82152D24-C15D-4963-9DA8-596F0FA33BBC} /passive

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