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Sending a File to OriginLab Technical Support

If you would like to send a file to our Technical Support team, please use the guidelines below.

Note: It is strongly suggested that Origin files be zipped (or otherwise compressed) prior to being sent out.

  • SMALL FILES (<50MB, images<5MB) can be attached to a ticket item and sent via our General Contact Form. Note: You can click "Choose Files" button to attach your file. (zip the files first if needed)
  • LARGE FILES (>50MB) should be uploaded to the OriginLab FTP site. Or you can use your public cloud share and send us the link.

OriginLab FTP Instructions:

  1. Using your preferred FTP program, access our FTP site with the following information:

    Host Name:
    Host Type: automatic detect
    Login: anonymous
    Password: your email address

  2. Place your file in the /incoming folder.
    Please note that the anonymous account cannot download from the /incoming folder - so you can consider your upload secure. Also, we will remove your file after you notify us and we download it. Finally, any files left in the /incoming folder for more than a month are deleted.

  3. Contact us after you upload your file, providing the file name and the issue we can assist you with.

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