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Version 9.1 Now Available!

Version 9.1 provides many new features and improvements some of which are: new graph types, batch plotting, batch analysis using gadgets, a redesigned axis dialog supporting multiple axis breaks with customizable break gaps and break indicators, user-defined axes scales, and tick label tables. Check out the top new features and find out how you can get Version 9.1.

Featured Customer Story

Dr. Leslie R. Bernstein and colleagues at the University of Connecticut Health Center, use Origin to analyze complex data for their research on binaural psychoacoustics. They can import multi-thousand-point time-waveform with ease since Origin allows the rapid importing and plotting of large scale data sets. Additionally the multiple axis break feature and capability to plot in log-base-2 axes suits their graphing needs:

"Origin is used to construct preliminary plots of the experimental data and to perform intermediate analyses of them. All graphs for publication are created with Origin. Overall, Origin was chosen because of the flexibility it offers in terms of being able to generate, modify, and customize plots easily and efficiently."

Read the entire article in our Case Studies section.

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Tools and Resources

Tech Tip

Orgin 9.1 has a redesigned Axis Dialog that supports multiple axis breaks for both axes with options to adjust break gaps, break indicators, and the scales and ticks on each segment.

Graph Gallery

Origin 9.1 offers many new plot types including a Grouped Box Chart like the one displayed below:

View all the new plot types in our Graph Gallery.

Enhanced Digitizer in File Exchange

An Enhanced Digitizer is available for Origin 9.1 users in File Exchange. Features include automatic tracing for curves, and support for ternary and polar coordinate systems.


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