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An Enhanced Digitizer for Origin versions 9.1 ONLY. A built-in digitizer tool is available in the product since version 2015.

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NOTE: The Enhanced Digitizer is built into versions 2015 and later. To access, click the Digitize Image button on the Standard toolbar.

If you install this tool on 2015, 2016 or later, it will break the Digitizer. To restore Digitizer functionality, uninstall this tool by clicking Tools: Package Manager (main menu). From the Package Manager menu, click Tools: Uninstall a Package. Select the Enhanced Digtizer 1.1 and click Uninstall.


Please read the Release Notes to see version comparisons and download older version(s) if needed.

Origin's standard Digitizer Tool allowed you to import an image of a line, symbol or line + symbol plot and recreate the data behind the plot. This was a handy tool for graphing and analyzing data for which you did not have the original dataset(s).

Origin's newer Enhanced Digitizer builds on this basic functionality by adding faster and more powerful methods of capturing data points. In addition to the standard manual, point-by-point digitizing method, you can interactively pick points using either of four automated methods. Easily remove extraneous points by dragging out a box around them. All point-picking and removal operations are made easier by your ability to zoom in on a portion of the graph.

The Enhanced Digitizer supports digitizing of points in the 2D Cartesian, Polar and Ternary coordinate systems. For all coordinate systems, digitizing multiple axes graph is also supported by setting group for lines, because each group can have independent axis settings.


Save the attached EnhancedDigitizer.opx, drag and drop it onto the Origin workspace (must have Origin 9.1 SR1 + ) to install it, then access this tool by selecting "Tools:Digitizer..." from top menu.


Refer to the Enhanced Digitizer tutorial or watch this video.


Image Pre-Processing

  • Rotate image
  • Remove background
  • Remove gridlines

Data Point Capture

  • Manually Pick Points: Pick points by aligning cross-hairs on the data plot and double-clicking with your mouse.
  • Auto Trace Line by Points: Pick several lines on a plot and this tool automatically picks the remaining points.
  • Auto Pick Points by Grids: Drag out a grid with your mouse and pick points wherever the grid intersects the plot.
  • Area Auto Trace: Hybrid method picks points along curve inside of rectangule.
  • Boundary-Limited Area Auto Trace: Similar to Auto Trace except that points are created only within the selected area. When the selected area contains uncrossed multiple curves, the results will be put in different lines. Possible to merge the lines if they belong to the same curve.


  • 2D Cartesian
  • Polar
  • Ternary


  • Remove Gridline may also remove axes. Recommended to set axes prior to removing gridlines.
  • May not work for some GIF format images.


Reviews and Comments:
08/26/2017Kobrantoh god! why i don't succeed? It says "please wait while Origin compiles the necessary files. compilation occurs only on first-time use of the feature"

06/09/2017devil_rswhy i don't succeed? It says "please wait while Origin compiles the necessary files. compilation occurs only on first-time use of the feature"

06/09/2017devil_rswhy i don't succeed? It says "please wait while Origin compiles the necessary files. compilation occurs only on first-time use of the feature"

05/04/2017chj19900723Hi, if there exist a Digitizer for Origin 8.0,currently I need that one desperately? thank you.

04/09/2017ankitbtp07092@gmail.comthank you so much for such a good digitizer

I need a Digitizer for Origin 8.0, do you have one? I'm badly in need of it. Thank you very much.




12/15/2013OLDeveloperWe keep improving this tool and NVHguy’s suggestions could probably be implemented in future versions because we already have the following work plan:
1. Ternary axes settings should not need to rotate the image.
2. Support identifying the RGB values of line when auto trace.
3. Allow 3 points axis definition (origin, max X, max Y most likely).

OriginLab Technical Support