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Origin 2019 Preview

Origin 2019 is scheduled for release in late October or early November. We are excited about the many new features and improvements and we wanted to give you a preview.

  • Windows-like Search of Help, Menus, Videos, Apps, Recent Projects, Sample Projects, X-Functions.
  • New Workbook Dialog for Organizing Templates
  • New Plot Types incl. Violin, Parallel & Double-Y Trellis
  • Data Highlighter: Simultaneously Pick points in Graph and Worksheet. Selections preserved for masking, copying or deletion.
  • Conditional Format of Worksheet Cells using Contained Values, Apply Colormap and generate Worksheet Heatmap
  • New Apps including Stats Advisor, Graph Maker, Design of Experiments, Global Fit with Multiple Functions.

... And More

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Apps for Origin

New & Updated Apps, September 2018

Origin Apps are highly-focused and specialized tools that extend Origin's power. The following is a partial list of new and recently-updated Apps as of September 2018.

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Non-Profit Studies Contamination
of Land and Sea near
Fukushima Nuclear Site

Courtesy of Origin Distributor Lightstone International

This month's case study comes from Origin's Japanese distributor, Lightstone International. We thank Lightstone and Japan's EcoStudies Association, for sharing their story of ongoing environmental monitoring of the region surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


EcoStudies Association is a volunteer organization founded by Professors Emeritus Dr. Nobuhiro Shiotani and Dr. Hideo Ohashi, of the Department of Marine Environment at Tokyo University of Fisheries (renamed to Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology).

The group consists of around 40 members -- researchers, engineers and technicians -- who are mainly either retired or semi-retired, along with some additional young volunteers. The group's mission is to provide free professional expertise to local people - monitoring and assessing the radioactivity and its contamination in the area affected by the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant -- upon request.

Read the full case study on

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