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OriginLab Releases 2018 SR0

Includes 75+ New Features and Improvements

OriginLab released Origin 2018 SR0 on November 9. This version includes 75+ new features and improvements, including an App Center for installing and updating Apps, cell formulas for cell-level calculations, Windows Explorer previews of project graphs, new plot types (Bridge, 4D XYZ, Double-Y Box and ColorMap Line Series plots), a tool for interactively defining graph export margins, and Unicode support, to name just a few.

Maintenance Customers: If your OriginLab Maintenance Service is active, you can download 2018 from the OriginLab website and install using your current serial number. You'll find upgrade instructions, including software download links at

Free 21-day Trial: If you do not subscribe to OriginLab's Maintenance Service, you can still download a fully-functional Evaluation Copy of Origin/OriginPro 2018 that will run for 21 days. You can continue working with your current version of Origin while you explore and evaluate 2018.

See this Web Page for Origin & OriginPro 2018
Pricing and Ordering Information.

New & Apps for 2018

Origin Apps are highly-focused and specialized tools that extend Origin's power. OriginLab made available the following Apps to coincide with the release of Origin and OriginPro 2018.

Find these Apps and many more on
OriginLab's File Exchange.

Trellis Plots in Reproductive Studies

This month's case study comes to us from research scientist Matthew Gormley with the Fisher Lab group at UC, San Francisco. Fisher Lab's research focuses on the mechanisms by which human placental cells invade the uterus during pregnancy.

Matthew Gormley studies trophoblasts, the specialized cells out of which the placenta is formed. The group is looking for ways to detect or prevent diseases of pregnancy like preeclampsia, a life-threatening condition characterized by an unhealthy increase in the mother's blood pressure that in the worst cases may trigger seizures and result in the death of the mother and child.

Find out how the group is using Origin, including how they are using Trellis Plots like the one above, to conduct their research.

Upcoming Events

APS 2018     Mar 5-8, 2018    Booth #307
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA

ACS Spring 2018     Mar 18-20, 2018    Booth #309
New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans, LA

Please stop by our booth at the trade show. We love to meet our users and learn more about how they are using Origin.

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