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New & Updated Apps, July 2017

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Plot Row-wise Data as Line Series

Origin 2017 brings improvements to Origin's Line Series plot

Origin's Line Series plot is a Line + Symbol graph in which each plot in the series is created from a row of worksheet data. The Line Series plot was redone in Origin 2017 and is now based on Origin's highly-customizable Box Plot.

The updated plot hides the standard box and shows only the dispersion of data points for a given variable, then connects within-row points to create a series of Line + Symbol plots. What's more, no intermediary worksheet is created as was the case in previous versions: changes to raw data update the graph, directly.

Join Yiming Chen of our Technical Support Department, as he explains the improvements to the Origin 2017 Line Series plot.

U.S. Civil War Survival Analysis

John Cameron, Ph.D. and Robert Hirsh, M.D. are, respectively, Adjunct Faulty member, Dept. of History at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA and Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Cooper Medical School of Rowan University in Camden, NJ. Hirsh is a Group Leader for the Scholar's Workshop at Rowan University, in which physicians-to-be study such topics as epidemiology, biostatistics, information literacy, history of medicine, research methodology and ethics, and applied mathematics.

In this study, Cameron and Hirsh analyzed mortality data for a select group of soldiers from the American Civil War, in an attempt to understand how factors such as age of enlistment or conscription, military rank, and social status affected survival odds.

Read more about the study in the Case Studies section of the OriginLab website.

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