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Origin 2017 SR2 Patch Available

Origin 2017 SR2 contains a few bug fixes

OriginLab posted Service Release 2 (SR2) for Origin/OriginPro 2017, on May 22, 2017. This SR includes a few bug fixes. Release notes for SR2 can be found here.

Unlike SR1, Origin/OriginPro 2017 SR2 has been made available as a patch file (as opposed to a full installation). Service Release 2 can be applied to all language versions of Origin and OriginPro 2017 SR1 (build 354).

  • If you have not upgraded your Origin/OriginPro 2017 installation to 2017 SR1 (i.e. Help: About Origin shows that you have build 9.4.220), you must upgrade to SR1 before applying the SR2 patch.

  • If you have already installed SR1 (i.e. Help: About Origin shows that you have build 9.4.354), you can download the SR2 patch file and Help file updates at this page.
User Stories from Japan

Three Case Studies from Japanese Origin Distributor Lightstone International

This month, we are highlighting user stories shared with us by Origin's Japanese distributor, Lightstone International. Lightstone, aka LSI, has been providing sales and support for the Japanese-language version of Origin, for nearly 20 years. We thank Lightstone and their customers for their support and for sharing these user stories with us.

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New & Updated Apps, June 2017

Origin Apps are highly-focused and specialized tools that extend Origin's power.

More than 70 Apps are now available. Browse all Apps at

Upcoming Events

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Please stop by our booth at the trade show. We love to meet our users and learn more about how they are using Origin.

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