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As you gain familiarity with Origin, you may want to customize Origin to meet your specific graphing and analysis needs. Common customization goals include:

  • Adding functionality to Origin by creating new importing, analysis, graphing, and exporting routines.
  • Automating the work that you do in Origin.
  • Batch processing of multiple data files.
  • Performing numerical computation and simulations in Origin.
  • Creating custom tools and dialogs.

These and other types of customizations can be achieved using Origin's programming languages: LabTalk Scripting, and Origin C

LabTalk is a C-like scripting language with commands and built-in objects having methods and properties. LabTalk also provides optional access to X-Functions

Origin C is a high level full featured language closely based on ANSI C programming syntax and it includes some elements of C++ and C#.

Origin 8 also includes the entire Mark VII library of functions from Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc. (NAG?). The NAG functions are accessible from Origin C, providing support for advanced numerical computation.

Custom tools can be created in Origin 8 using to X-Functions, allowing you to easily develop and share such tools with other users.

A Developer Kit is also available, which allows building complex dialog boxes, floating tools, and wizards.


*The help file includes information about Origin C, LabTalk Scripting, user interface development, COM, and distributing custom applications


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