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Support Testimonials

See what our customers have to say!

“Chris went above and beyond to help address the problems I was having in Origin. Chris is excellent at his job; I wish all software technical support were like him! Chris was extremely friendly, professional and supportive... he went above and beyond what was needed. With such great support, I will now be an Origin customer for LIFE and I will recommend the software to everyone I know!!!”

    Origin user at a non-profit institution

“I continue to be impressed with the responsiveness of the Originlab tech support team. The service I receive from the team (on phone, and in video tutorials and articles) plays a big role in my decision to use the Origin software instead of competing software.”

    Medha M. Pathak, Ph.D., Department of Physiology & Biophysics, University of California, Irvine

“I had a couple of interactions with the Origin support team through E-mail. The support I got was timely and very helpful. They suggested different ways to produce a certain type of graph I want. They provide very professional and excellent support for their products.”

    Dr. Yuejin Li, Senior Scientist with BASF Corporation

“My interaction with OriginLab Technical Support team was excellent! The team was immediately responsive and very cordial. The team diagnosed and solved the problem immediately. Team members are by far the best in the business.”

    Ray Huffaker - Professor and Chair, Food and Resource Economics Department, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida

“The technical support team of OriginLab is very knowledgeable. They usually answer questions from customers very quickly. The solutions they offer for the exiting issues of using the software were very precise. Hideo Fujii was one of the examples OriginLab’s excellent technical support team.”

    Z. Ding, Ph.D. - BD Technologies

“We never had such good customer technical support in the past for any software we bought. I just wanted to let you know that your video was so clear and that your feedback was so helpful that we sure are going to update our version of Origin to 9.0. ”

    Anne-Marie Gagné, Ph.D. - Institut Universitaire en Santé Mentale de Québec

“Origin is an extremely powerful software package and their technical support has been very responsive. As a new Origin user it has reduced my learning curve tremendously. Between the online videos and rapid replies to my e-mails I have been extremely pleased.”

    Nigel Clark - NOVA Chemicals

Note: These opinions are personal opinions and do not imply any statement or endorsement by NOVA Chemicals.

“The response time was excellent. The tech support individual, Vince, was also excellent - clear, concise, answered all of my questions and gave me an example which was easy to follow. In general, I am very satisfied.”

    Jeff Tarpy - Harvard Extension School Student, ALM Candidate

“The support I received was friendly, professional, supportive, absolutely timely and extraordinarily efficient. It is rare to find such expertise in Technical Support. My lab turns to Originlab because we know we know we can get help when we need it. Keep up the good work!”

    Rosina Georgiadis, Ph.D. - Boston University

“I have been extremely happy with Origin. I found it easy to get started with. Although I am still probably only using a fraction of its abilities, the tech support and forum have been great at helping me to learn and use more features and to solve occasional problems.”

    John W. Rudnicki, Ph.D. - Northwestern University

“Thanks again. ... You have no idea how much time this is saving me. I am plowing through data that used to be much more of a chore. I'm glad Origin has people like you who can help us researchers get our data processing scripts working, so we can spend more time trying to decide what the data means...”

    Michael T. Dugger, Ph.D. - Sandia National Laboratories

“Great support from the OriginLab team! I quickly reached the correct technical support person, he was able to answer my questions, and he followed-up with an email which included an example project & written explanation. This type of quick, personal support is one of the key reasons I have used Origin for the past 10 years.”

    Eric Scharin - Zogenix, Inc.

“Thank you for the assistance. I am back in business. You folks have been just great over the years with any of the minor problems I have had with the Origin. It is also has been, and IS, the absolute best graphical and analytical program available.”

    Win Burrington - TI Automotive

“I got great support and the person who helped me went out of her way to make sure my problems were solved.”

    Michael Owens, Ph.D. - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

“Support and interaction with Laurie is always a pleasure. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.”

    Mike Santo - LGS Innovations

“There is one strength consistent throughout your team, namely that the team does not spare efforts to make their point clear, with retracing the steps I took to get the feel of what I was doing, with suggesting alternate solutions, and with complete "self standing" examples. I was amazed that when I failed to provide data, it did not stop your team member to work on it, (but) he made his own assumptions to illustrate the issue so we were not stuck at the previous stage.”

    John Lahey - IMS, Inc.
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