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Origin and OriginPro Software Release History

Origin 2020 (9.7)

Version.png  Released 2019 October

  • Mini toolbars for easier 2D graph customization. The buttons in the pop-up provide access to common customization options for performing quick changes to graphs without opening complex dialogs.
  • Import speed has been improved by a factor of 10 or more as compared to previous versions of Origin, and compared to Excel 2016.
  • Much faster drawing speed for large data, including New Density dots and Color dots graphs, Scatter plot, Contour plot, Data Highlight in large scatter plot.
  • Speed improvements in several areas such as Peak Analysis, Worksheet Data Filters, Contour Plotting, Worksheet Operations, Importing Third Party files.
  • Copy Paste Data Plots between Graph Layers
  • Copy and paste data as HTML/EMF table to other applications such as MS Word, etc.
  • Similar to Excel, suppprt to use the "$" syntax to create absolute references in Cell Formulas in Origin worksheets cells.
  • Data Connector support Drag-and-Drop. CSV Connector supports Preview checkbox, Partial import, Data Block marker. Excel Connector has improved support for column headers.
  • SQL-like query to pull specific columns from an Origin Project using Origin Data Connector
  • Enhanced Database Import: Imported data protected from editing, ensuring data integrity. Options for managing protection mode. Support display of imported database images in worksheet cells. Much faster ODBC import. ODBC now default when using MS OLE DB Provider for ODBC; previously, ADO was default.
  • New Graph Types: Density Dot Plot, Pie and Doughnut Charts, Sankey and Alluvial Diagrams, Dendrograms, Color Dots, Population Pyramid, Kite Diagram and Before-After Plot
  • New Apps: 2D Peak Analyzer, Import NMR Data, Video Data Explorer, Neural Network Fitting, Soil and Rock Classification Diagram, Piper Diagram, Marginal Abatement Cost Curve, Word Connector and LeCroy Connector

Origin 2019b (9.65)

Version.png  Released 2019 April

  • HTML and Markdown Reports from Notes windows. Link to graphs, numeric results and project metadata in your reports. Report can be printed, or exported as web page with all associated images.
  • Data Connectors for CSV, Excel, ASCII/Binary, HTML, JSON, MATLAB, Origin Projects. Connect to web or local files and maintain live connection to source files.
  • Use Origin Project as Data Repository to organize and archive data. Then using connectors, import only the worksheets or matrix sheets you need to perform your graphing and analysis.
  • Clone an Origin Project to replace with new data, or maintain connectors to original project for exploratory data analysis of subsets of your data.
  • Menus reorganized with new top categories for Data, Insert, Preferences, and Connectivity. Improved Plot menu with better sub-categorization of plot types for faster location of both custom and system templates.
  • Speed improvements of nearly 50% for ASCII and CSV Import.
  • Export multi-page workbook to multi-page Excel file with option to exclude individual sheets.
  • Save Project without imported data to reduce file size.
  • Copy and paste a workbook or an entire project folder, within or across Origin sessions.
  • Validation sample projects that compare Origin's analysis results with certified values from NIST while demonstrating the New HTML Reports.
  • Group Folder Improvements: Easier publishing of different files to different groups. Set Origin as a group member for multiple groups.
  • New Graph Types and Enhancements: Split Heatmap, Rug Marks on Graph Axes, Heatmap support for XY or XYZ data, Custom Line Segments, Soil Textural Triangle, Open center for polar graph types (e.g. Wind Rose with "calms" circle).
  • New Apps: Speedy Fit, Fit ODE, Quantile Regression, Hysteresis, 2D Correlation, Gel Molecular Weight Analyzer, Change Point Analysis, 3D Wind Rose, Concave Hull, Isosurface Plot, SAS XPORT Connector, PLEXON Connector. Plus, sort installed Apps by name or installation date.


Origin 2019 (9.6)

Version.png  Released 2018 October

  • Windows-like Search uses keywords or phrases to search for and directly access menus, Apps, Help, Videos and X-Functions.
  • New Workbook Dialog Box is a "startup" dialog that lists built-in templates, plus ability to add user-templates and set any template as your default workbook template.
  • Data Highlighter for highlighting a data point in the graph and simultaneously selecting all data points in the graph window from the same worksheet row. Simultaneously selects the worksheet data row. Supports Shift/Ctrl multiple selection.
  • Data Point Tooltip for displaying customized data point information, including metadata and indexed data in other columns, when mousing over 2D plots.
  • Data Plot Highlighter supports clicking on a data plot in the Object Manager or the graph window and dimming all other plots in the window.
  • Conditional Formatting of Worksheet Cells supports formatting cells by mathematical expression. Color duplicate values. Directly create a heatmap by coloring cells based on contained numeric values.
  • Column List View creates a rotated view of the worksheet that hides data. Particularly useful for viewing large worksheets with many column label rows (header rows) containing metadata.
  • New Graph Types: Double-Y Trellis Plots, Parallel Plots, Cluster Plot, Violin Plot, Row-wise Line Series, Contour Plot - Categorical Z, Heatmap with Labels, Tetrahedral Coordinates Plot, Grouped Scatter Plot, Stacked Histogram.
  • New Apps including Design of Experiments, Stats Advisor, Graph Maker, Graph Publisher, Batch Plotting, Peak Deconvolution, Fitting Function Library, Global Fit with Multiple Functions, Gaussian Mixture Models, Image Object Counter, Word Cloud, Align Peaks, Independent Component Analysis, and Import LSM.


Origin 2018b (9.55)

Version.png  Released 2018 April

  • Preview of Workbook in Project Explorer and Windows Explorer.
  • Add Matrix Book as an Embedded Sheet in Workbook.
  • Enhanced Master Page Menu supports quickly setting up and applying Master Page elements such as logos and timestamps to all graphs.
  • New Fit Layers to Page and Set Scale Factor tools to adjust all layers to have a tight fit to page with the current display font kept.
  • Customize All or Multiple Layers in a Graph with Consistent Display.
  • Active Window Indicator adds a customizable border for quick visual identification of the active window.
  • Backup folder and individual backup file for each Project.
  • Improved Audit Log functionality allows Audit Log to be automatically turned on for all newly-created projects (for consistent project management).
  • New Python API.
  • New Apps including Distributed Batch Processing, 2D Smoother, 3D Smoother, Toolbar Maker, OPJ Packer, Chromaticity Diagram, Voronoi Diagram, Fit Convolution, Rank Models, Factor analysis and Dynamic Time Warping.


Origin 2018 (9.5)

Version.png  Released 2017 November

  • Cell Formula for creating spreadsheet-like mathematical expressions using operators, functions and other cell references.
  • Reference lines or statistics lines in graphs.
  • Unicode support for expanded character usage in the worksheet, text labels, dialog boxes, etc.
  • App center with "one-stop" browsing, installing and updating of Apps.
  • Export User-defined area of graph page by graphically and interactively setting page margins.
  • Added Bridge Charts (MS Excel's "Waterfall" Chart).
  • Double Y Box plots with left and right Y axes.
  • Flexible legend customization including the ability to add custom symbols and adjust size.
  • Preview Origin graphs in Windows Explorer.
  • OPJU File Format offering more compact file size and faster performance.
  • Automatic transfer of User Files to your new software, on upgrade.
  • Evenly distribute graph objects or layers horizontally or vertically on the graph page.
  • New Apps including Simple Fit, Global Peak Fit, OPJ Searcher, FFT Examiner, Operations Manager, Gage Study, Kernel Density for Polar and Ternary Plots, Paired Comparison Plot, Composite Spectrum Regression, and Equation Solver.


Origin 2017 (9.4)

Version.png  Released 2016 November

  • Spreadsheet Cell Notation (Excel-like Fixed Column Short Names) allowing for simpler column formulas.
  • Trellis Plots with support for scatter, line & symbol, bar or column plots, plus horizontal or vertical wrapping.
  • 3D Stacked Bars, 100% Stacked Bars with New Bar Shapes.
  • Box Plot Improvements, including two new variants -- statistics bar and line series -- plus, line connection for key stats.
  • Origin Central Dialog with quick access to sample projects, Apps, and Origin learning resources.
  • LaTeX support in Graphs and Worksheets.
  • New Plot Menu with Large Icons.
  • Improved Annotation.
  • HTML Dialogs with JavaScript Support.
  • Started to Support Chinese Version.
  • New Apps including Colormap For Map Data, 3D Stacked Histograms, Manhattan Plot for GWAS, Means Plot, Simple Time Series Analysis, Hotellilng's T-Squared Test, Principal Component Analysis, PCA for Spectroscopy, Logistic Regression, Piecewise Fit, Enzyme Kinetics, General Linear Regression, SMILES to Images, and LaTeX.


Origin 2016 (9.3)

Version.png  Released 2015 October

  • Cloneable Templates for "smart plotting" of worksheet data that always has the same structure.
  • Object Manager to easily turn plots on or off in the active graph window.
  • Interval Plot box chart variant.
  • Unbalanced Group Plots.
  • 3D Waterfall with Line and Scatter.
  • New Color Chooser for creating custom colors, applying colors singly, by points or by plots, plus customization and management of color lists.
  • R Console and support for Rserve to exchange data between Origin and R.
  • Clone Import for Batch Analysis of similar data files.
  • Three-way ANOVA.PRO
  • Cross Tabulation.PRO
  • Support for outputting report data to a MS Word template in Batch Processing tool.
  • Introduced Apps in Origin: LaTeX, Onset of Slope, Agilent MS Reader, Constrained Multiple Regression, Hurst Exponent, Polyline Profiles, Import Shapefile, Polynomial Surface Fit, 3D Confidence Ellipsoid, and HDF5 Browser.


Origin 2015 (9.2)

Version.png  Released 2014 October

  • Heat Map Plot from "Z" worksheet data in Virtual Matrix format.
  • Kernel Density Plot with choice of statistical methods, grid points, point density and plot type.
  • Column Scatter Plot box chart variant, with jitter option.
  • Python support with access to Origin objects. Evaluate Python expressions and run Python commands or files from LabTalk.
  • Distribution Fit with support for common distributions, plus choice of plot type and goodness of fit method.PRO
  • User-defined Order for Categorical Data when performing analysis or graphing operations.
  • Bubble Scale, nested or linear layouts, with many customizations.
  • Tab-based Axis Dialog for more compact presentation and faster access to dialog controls.
  • Append Worksheet, Remove/Combine Duplicate Rows, and Pivot Tables from worksheet data.
  • Legend Improvements: legend for Categorical Data and improvements to box chart legends.</li>


Origin 9.1

Version.png  Released 2013 October

  • New Graph types: Grouped Box and Column Chart, 3D Ternary Surface/Scatter, 100% Stacked Column/Bar, 3D OpenGL Waterfall, 3D Ternary Surface, Piper/Trilinear Diagram, Marginal Histogram/Box, 3D and contour plots from Virtual Matrix.
  • Multiple Axis Breaks and Axis Break with No Gap
  • Graph customization improvements including auto-positioning of data labels in plots, user-defined axis scales, tick label tables and link axis length to scale.
  • F(x)= column label row formulas
  • LOWESS and LOESS Smoothing added to signal processing tools.
  • Copy & Paste Operation for rapidly repeating a completed fit operation by applying it to other data plots.
  • Batch Plotting - Duplicate graphs using data from other sheets.
  • Gadgets: Batch Analysis - easily apply analysis to other curves.
  • Enhanced Digitizer for turning graphic images in Cartesian coordinates into datasets that can be analyzed and plotted.
  • Partial Least Squares Regression PRO

Origin 9.0

Version.png  Released 2012 October

  • 3D OpenGL Graphing with support for fast and easy rotation, resizing and rotation of 3D graphs.
  • 3D Parametric Function Plots
  • Movie/Animation Creation support for turning a series of graphs into a movie.
  • Data Filter for defining conditions for filtering of worksheet datasets.
  • Floating Graphs on Worksheets for more flexible organization and presentation of your analysis and graphing results.
  • Global Vertical Cursor for reading and outputting coordinates simultaneously in multiple, stacked line plots.
  • Implicit Function Fitting using Orthogonal Distance Regression.PRO
  • IIR Filter Design PRO

Origin 8.6

Version.png  Released 2011 November

  • Native 64 bit Application as well as 32 bit
  • PCA and Cluster analysis PRO
  • Spider/Radar chart
  • New Tool to drag data plot to change axis scale
  • Auto-hide Project Explorer window
  • Vertical Cursor and other new gadgets
  • Parametric function plot
  • Fitting with integral
  • Worksheet Navigation dialog
  • File Import menu customization dialog

Origin 8.5.1

Version.png  Released 2011 April

  • Horizontal and Vertical Dividers to Split Worksheet
  • Error Bar as Line
  • Contour Profile Plot from Worksheet Data with Uneven Spacing (Virtual Matrix or XYZ Columns)
  • Quick Peaks Gadget
  • Digitizer Tool
  • SQL Editor for Database Import
  • XYZ Gridding in Logarithmic Scale
  • Surface Fit with Multiple Peaks PRO
  • Cluster Gadget PRO

Origin 8.5

Version.png  Released 2010 September

  • Zoom and Pan on Graphs, Worksheets, Matrices and Layouts
  • Embed and Edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Equation Objects Inside Graphs and Layouts
  • Customizable Data Info Display Window
  • Thumbnail and Metadata Support for Matrix
  • New Graph Types: 3D Vector Plot, 3D Error Bar Plot, Contour or 3D Plot from Worksheet Data (Virtual Matrix)
  • Support for nonlinear x and y axes, such as log axes, for 3D surface and contour plots
  • Transparency and Gradient Fill Control for Graph Objects
  • Ternary Plot with Flexible Scale
  • Multiple Intersecting Surfaces in 3D Graphs
  • New Gadgets: Differentiate Gadget, Interpolate Gadget, Quick Fit Gadget
  • New Fitting Function Builder for Fitting Function Creation
  • Compute Polygon Area
  • 2D FFT Filter PRO

Origin 8.1

Version.png  Released 2009 October

  • Password Protection for Project, and Audit Log of Project Save with Optional Password Protection
  • New Graph Types: Ternary Contour Plot, Pareto Chart, Probability Plot and Q-Q Plot
  • New Gadgets: Quick Fit Gadget, Rise Time Gadget PRO, Integrate Gadget, FFT Gadget, Statistics Gadget
  • Import Data in Unicode ASCII, CDF, and HDF5 Formats
  • Export All Graphs to PowerPoint
  • Export Worksheet as Multi-Page PDF Document
  • Slide Show Graphs and Layouts
  • Reduce XY Data by Group, Reduce Data to Evenly Spaced X PRO
  • Reduce Dupl
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