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OriginLab Releases 2015!

OriginLab recently released Origin 2015. This version includes key ease-of-use features such as collapsible menus, project file search for string, thumbnail previews of graphs and tooltips for comments in Project Explorer, a redesigned graph Axis Dialog, and an improved graph legend with support for bubble scales. To learn more visit our website or watch this video that gives a brief overview of the new features.

Additionally OriginLab recently announced that OriginPro software will now be available for students at a discounted price through OnTheHub eStore and network of school-branded web stores powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc.

Case Study

Dr. De Geronimo and his team used Origin in their research about the effect of varying conditions on the sensitivity of sensors on high resolution X Ray Spectrometers. Their aim was to increase the sensitivity of the sensors for clearer image retrieval as these spectrometers are designed to map planetary surfaces during space exploration. Origin's built-in fit functions were useful for extracting information from noisy or distorted curves. The team also used the Peak Analyzer feature for deconvoluting overlapping pulses, as well as the many graph customization features to represent their data.

Read the entire article in our Case Studies section.

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OriginLab will be attending these upcoming tradeshows:

Biophysical Society 2015, Baltimore, MD
Dates: Feb 8 - 10, Booth#: 487

APS 2015, San Antonio, TX
Dates: Mar 3 - 5, Booth#: TBD

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Tech Tip

Did you know you we introduced thumbnail previews for PE in the recently released Origin 2015? You can now hover your mouse over the graph windows in Project Explorer and thumbnail previews of the graphs will appear. This makes it much easier to search for specific graphs in your Project. Additionally hovering the cursor over the worksheet windows and the notes windows pops up tool tips that show the worksheet comments and notes contents respectively.

Check out our New Graphs in Graph Gallery

Check out the new Origin 2015 graphs and graphing improvements in graph gallery including the Heat Map shown below:


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