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New Online Documentation System

We have revamped our online documentation system. You can now view all documentation in one place, and also search across multiple books. Check out the new system here:

Featured Customer Story

Dr. Jay Deiner uses Origin in his research at the City University of New York in the area of materials development and digital fabrication of electrocatalytic devices such as batteries and fuel cells. In addition, Dr. Deiner teaches several undergraduate chemistry courses including CHEM 3412, Instrumental Methods of Analysis. He uses Origin to teach data analysis concepts and skills:

"One of the most important skills in CHEM 3412 is learning how to process the data that comes from scientific instruments (and in fact appreciating that you must process data in detail to gain maximum information from it)."

"I believe that using Origin benefits the students because they learn how to use a sophisticated data analysis program that they may encounter in future work in academic research or in industry. It also enables them to extract much more information from the data they generate. Finally, it helps students understand that much of science is thinking and data analysis."

Read the entire article in our case study page.

Upcoming Events


OriginLab will be attending these upcoming tradeshows:

Automotive Testing Expo 2013, Novi, MI
Dates: October 22-24, Booth#: 10014

Neuroscience 2013, San Diego, CA
Dates: November 10-13, Booth#: 2728

MRS 2013, Boston, MA
Dates: December 3-5, Booth#: TBD

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Tools and Resources

Tech Tip

The Quick Sigmoidal Fit gadget allows you to perform interactive sigmoidal fitting of single or replicate measurements from a graph. Quickly select your region of interest, select from over 20 built-in functions or use your own user-defined function. Other options include fixing asymptotes and performing weighted fitting.

Visit this page to learn more about Gadgets.

Graph Gallery

This example from our graph gallery demonstrates the use of graph layers and linking of axes to enhance the visualization of complex data:


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