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Origin/OriginPro 9 Training

We will be conducting a two-day training in Boston, MA, June 6-7. Please check our Training page for information on Origin trainings, including upcoming public trainings.

Featured Customer Story

Dr. Nisa Khan researches LED feasibility for the entertainment and signage industries, and provides design and development solutions for general lighting applications. While writing a book on the science of LED lighting technology, Dr. Khan selected Origin to prepare 3D color map surface graphs comparing illumination quality of LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps.

Dr. Khan says: "Having used Origin 20 years ago at AT&T Bell Labs, I knew today’s Origin would allow me to graph and analyze data very effectively. Thus I chose Origin to compare the pioneering data I obtained for LED and conventional lamps and these are presented in my new book, Understanding LED Illumination."

Read the entire article in our case study page.

Upcoming Events


OriginLab will be attending these upcoming tradeshows:

Automotive Testing Expo 2013, Novi, MI
Dates: October 22-24, Booth#: 10014

Neuroscience 2013, San Diego, CA
Dates: November 10-13, Booth#: 2728

MRS 2013, Boston, MA
Dates: December 3-5, Booth#: TBD

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Tools and Resources

Tech Tip

When you resize a graph layer manually or when layers get resized when merging graphs, all objects such as text labels associated with the layer get re-sized by default.

If you do not want objects in the layer to re-size, you can do the following:

  • Double-click inside the layer to open Plot Details at the Layer level.
  • In the Display tab, set the Scale Elements radio to Fixed Factor, and enter 1 in the edit box.

In version 9.0 SR2, the Theme Organizer dialog (shortcut key F7) has a graph theme named "Layers No Element Scaling", which can be used to quickly turn off scaling in all layers.

Graph Gallery

This example from our graph gallery demonstrates placing tick marks at user-defined axis positions, and using custom text labels from another column to annotate those positions in the top axis:


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