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Origin 9 SR1 Now Available

Origin 9 Service Release (SR) 1 is available. To view bug fixes and improvements in Origin 9 SR1, click here.

Featured Customer Story

Ariel Fischer and his team wanted a framework for constructing complex analytical reports that supported easy access to financial models and data from different parts of the organization. They saw the need for a software solution that would seamlessly work together with their data warehouse and MATLAB code, enabling them to fully automate the production of publication quality reports.

Using Origin as the front end solution, they were able to create a fully automated reporting tool. This solution has been used to create a credit rating report of 150 Nordic banks.

Ariel Fischer says: “The most central Origin feature in this project is the COM-server functionality combined with Origin C and LabTalk, which allows for a seamless integration of Origin with our existing data storage and analysis tools. Additional powerful features of Origin that were utilized include: worksheet queries, animation creation, built-in statistical functions and the import interface. Origin proved to be all-in-all the smoothest way to manage the different elements in the report. The quality of the output is beyond what I have seen in other graphing/analysis-software.”

Read more about it here.

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OriginLab will be attending these upcoming tradeshows:

APS 2013, Baltimore, MD
Dates: March 19-21, Booth#: 1001

ACS Spring 2013, New Orleans, LA
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Experimental Biology 2013, Boston, MA
Dates: April 20-24, Booth#: 1162

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Tech Tip

Did you know that you can add a vertical or horizontal line to your graph at a specified location using the "Graph->Add Straight Line" menu item in Origin 9? A label is also added, and the label can be further customized.

Graph Gallery

Learn how to combine 3D Bar and 3D Scatter plots in Origin 9, to present multidimensional data with colormapping.


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