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Origin 9

Origin and OriginPro version 9 has been released! View for highlights of the new features.

Featured Customer Story

Dr. Michael R. Rosen is with the U.S. Geological Survey, and is an adjunct professor in the Dept. of Geological Sciences and Engineering, and the Hydrological Sciences Program at University of Nevada, Reno. He conducted a study to determine how the overall dissolved solids entering Las Vegas Bay from a tributary called Las Vegas Wash changed over the year. Las Vegas Wash receives urban runoff and tertiary treated wastewater from the City of Las Vegas. Knowing how this water circulates and mixes into the lake is important for predicting possible algal blooms and protecting the health of aquatic organisms.

With Origin, each month’s data was plotted as a color filled contour diagram without having to rearrange it into individual site data. This made plotting the data very quick and simple. The plots were then merged onto one template and made into one graph to show the differences over the year. This helped visualize when Las Vegas Wash water is entering different parts of the lake, and allows models of circulation to be constructed that can predict distribution of chemicals throughout the year.

Read more about it here.

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Tools and Resources

Superscript/Subscript and Symbols in Graph Legends

In a recent survey, multiple users asked how to display superscript/subscript and symbols in graph legends. Origin constructs the legend from worksheet header rows, and these rows are capable of displaying rich text. View this Quick Help item for details.

Video Tutorials

Watch this video tutorial to see how fast and easy it is to explore your data using the new OpenGL-based 3D Graphs in Origin 9:

View all Origin 9 videos from this playlist.

Graph Gallery

OpenGL-based 3D Graphs in Origin 9 allow plotting multiple surfaces in one layer with arbitrary offset and with the option to flatten surfaces, as illustrated in this example:

View more 3D OpenGL graphs in our Graph Gallery.


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