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Issue 2, 2012
20th Anniversary

It is with great pleasure that we announce our 20thanniversary! "OriginLab is proud to mark this momentous milestone, due in large part to the support and feedback we have received from a large number of Origin users." - Dr. CP Yang, CEO

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OriginLab Celebrates its 20th Anniversary.

Featured Customer Story

Geophysicist and planetary scientist Jason Nycz used Origin to analyze the morphology and rheology of impact craters on Mars. High resolution image and topographic data of the present-day Martian surface is collected from instruments aboard orbiting satellites. In his research, Jason Nycz used Origin to statistically catalogue craters by type and location, and to integrate crater profile data in a process known as palinspastic restoration, which is a method of reconstructing the morphology of a crater over time. Location plan-view maps, histograms, and area-fill plots were generated using Origin's built-in graph templates.

Jason Nycz says: "OriginPro is superb in every way. From basic graphing and statistical analysis, to more advanced and exclusive features such as the integration tool and the ability to solve complex systems of equations, OriginPro has it all. Even more impressive is the absolutely top notch technical support. This software should be on the desktop (and laptop) of any scientist who has to work with, and view numerical data."

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Upcoming Events

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American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
(ASBMR) 2012, Minneapolis, MN
Dates: October 12-15, Booth #: 319

NEUROSCIENCE 2012, New Orleans, LA
Dates: October 14-17, Booth #: 331

Automotive Testing Expo 2012, Novi, MI
Dates: October 23-25, Booth #: 10014

2012 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA
Dates: November 27-29, Booth#: 616

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New File Exchange Tool

Try our new tool to fit multiple functions to your data and determine which function best fits the data.

Video Tutorials

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use the Quick Peaks Gadget for interactive peak analysis.

Graph Gallery

Did you know that you can set size and color of symbols in scatter plots using data from other columns in your worksheet? View this Graph Gallery entry for an example:


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