Origin 2022b Features


Choose the File: Export Graph (Advaned): <Graph> menu to directly export the graph without opening the dialog

Mini toolbar button to add label for each layer of multi-layer graph

Add Alignment Option when turn on data of data plots

When label link to Line/Arrow, support Auto option in Rotate dropdown, label will follow the rotation of the Line/Arrow if select

Plot bars at xy coordinates. Then add map as background image.

Ignore non-existing substitution notation and conditional spacing

Add Connect option to all line fly-out of Connect Lines tab, including Connect Mean, Connect Median, Connect Data Points and Connect Percentiles.

Make sorting of dataset list case sensitive in Layer Content dialog

Visualize hierarchic data, a variant of a treemap or a dendrogram.

Remove unsuitable context menus in Group table of Plot Details dialog

Remove Contour Line for Contour Related Templates

Define Dash line for applicable plot and graphic object

Data Highlight Properties dialog is added with different adding mode

Support Column Width for single cell in Data Point Tooltip, and show the image with aspect ratio

Double head arrow between two points with label. The label is the distance between the two points, auto-calculated when you draw the object.

Distance Annotation support snap to Data Point, Axis, and Line Object (Reference line, additional line), hold Ctrl to disable snap

Add Transparency by Column, and Use Absolute Value option above Transparency option in Line tab, for network plot. Set Edge Width by absolute value.

Support Export graph or layout window to SVG image type

DPI option added when exporting image

Support mini toolbar to control table frame and Grids

Show/Hide Speed Mode Banner button on page level mini toolbar to hide Speed Mode Watermark.

Transparency support for image plot from matrix data

Copy Layout as Image and choose EMF image type and paste to Word 365, resolution is bad.

Add Increment option to Line Style dropdown in Plot Details dialog’s Line tab.

Insert image to text object using \cell() and \img() notation

Hold Alt key before pasting to keep object size when pasting to laytout with different sizes

Lighting hotkey S for 3D graph conflict with many other accelerators.

Linked Image in graph/laytout auto reimport when opening opju or modifying image file

Add Log base on 1000 formula to custom formula list. Better increment tick position for custom formula.

Show long minus sign when creating new graphs

Support mini toolbar for multiple legend to conveniently set up Legend in batches, hold Ctrl to select each Legend in one graph, mini toolbar will show after release Ctrl key.

Add toggle of setting Link to (%, $) substition level to 1 or 0 on Text object mini toolbar

\sep:50 after cursor as new row. It means add a separator row with vertical space=50% of font height

Added More online Template for 2022b. You can get the latest online template via Tools: Template Center.

Add Edge Thickness control on Percentile tab of box chart

Show Unique Entries Only for Point by Point Legend

Relative Position options are added on Position tab of Properties dialog so that when user moves or resizes parent object, the child object follows.

A variants of the Ternary graph

Support Select All with Same Name in Object Manager with Show Graph Objects, and show mini toolbar to set object with same name

If the option is not none, Axis Tick Label option to show power (scientific notation) will be in just one place.

Insert Symbol Map provides both Simple and Advanced mode

We improve the speed for highlight and move nodes.

Plot data as bars along an Archimedean spiral. It begins at the center of a spiral and then progresses outwards.

Add a new checkbox Match X by Offset to support do batch plotting with multiple x plot

Add Fit Page to Objects menu for layout window

Support Flip Colormap mini toolbar button in 3D colormap surface and 3D ternary colormap surface

Wrap tick label by number of characters no matter there is space between words or not

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