Origin 2022b Bug Fixes


3D surface with transparency crashes in VMware  
3D Vector Issues  
Avoid adding \ when paste into graph text object  
By Point Tab of Font Color Not work for Pie/Sunburst  
Click label twice in group plot could not create special point when show one label only  
Color changes when zooming area graphs  
Color scale object transparency issues if the colormap is turned on for none-major property of plot  
Copy and Paste Format Issues in Graph  
Copy paste text with backslash lost conversion  
Could not change fill for ribbon in mini toolbar  
Could not set tick direction when opposite Z shows at X axis  
Crash if Delete Fitted Curves From Mini Toolbar  
Crash if Fail to Init Distribution Cached Context  
Crash if move down/up plot from different group with different plot type  
Crash when setting layer axes arrangment  
Data Label outside frame when Clip Data to Frame  
Data Reader did not work on column plot's symbol element  
Disable toolbar buttons for image window  
Display Issue Y Axis Break on Double-Y Box Chart  
Droplines fail to connect with axis line when select a special arrow shape  
Enable anti-aliasing will make the rotated Chinese Labels fail to show  
Fail to show customized increment list in Theme Organizer  
Fails to Apply legend cusotmization to other legends of of same window/folder/project  
Fails to keep Offset setting in Grid Settings dialog  
Failure to fill area between plots on log scale  
Failure to set individual offset for Stacked columns by Y offset  
Fill None for Invalid RGB color  
German Origin crash when mousing over User-defined symbol area of Graph tab in Preferences: Options dialog  
Hide Additional Line Y= if it's beyond the axis range  
Histogram border affected by fill transparency  
Horizontal/Vertical line added by addline x-function Failed to show at specified position after the graph is zoomed in.  
Image size and position issues in layout window  
Improve Layer Frame for Special Coordinate  
Insert: Plot to Layer broken after open Layer Management  
Label of Merge Graph is not in proper position when there is multiple layers in Source Graph  
Label Position of Sunburst is not Center in Collapse Expand Mode  
Line tab dialog mess up for grouped plot  
Minor Tick Labels at Specified Indices Only, Clipped When Export Margin is Tight in Page  
Pie Map Causes Origin Crash with 18 More Columns  
Pie Special Point Label Font Issues  
Plot colors in legend or Object manager not matching plots in graph  
Reference line failed to display when special break exists  
Refresh issue when scaling factor combo is shown after change line width  
Reverse Plot Order of Parallel Plot should exchange axis  
Rotate, zoom, edit 3d scatter graph freezes Origin with some video cards / drivers  
Sample Project could not show label at last point for some plot  
Save Folder as Project should save worksheet meta data  
Should not allow group grouped objects in Object manager, it crashes Origin  
Stack browser plot cannot use customized template  
Stack Column Plot Disappeared If Empty Rows  
Tick type of axis break is changed after change Y axis tick type even if auto ascale is unchecked  
Top surface mistreated as back surface  


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