Origin 2022 Features

License and Installation

App Center requires registration  

When concurrent user tries to open App Center to download Apps, they are asked to register the Origin product on our website first

Easy way to publish installed opx  

Copy opx file to \Users File Folder\Auto Install\ Folder for group client PC


Allow setting the percentile range of the probability plot  

Allow setting the percentile range of the probability plot/weibull fit/distribution fit

Allow to set significance level for Datasets/models comparison  

Add Significance level for F-test in Compare Datasets and Compare Models tools

Better data summarization for concatenate fit  

Use the double compare relative error for data summarization in concatenate fit

Clearer Derived Parameters in NLFit  

Some improvements on names and meanings of built-in functions.

Improve Function Search in Origin  

Make it more obvious and allow copying function info.

Improve ROC curve in OriginPro  

Cosmetic changes of ROC Curve

Quite inconvenient to change plot in some gadgets  

Show Select menu to easily change plot

Support Gaussian and Kaiser window function for FFT and IFFT  

Add Gaussian and Kaiser window function for x-function FFT1 and IFFT1

Support modifying number of points for individual peaks in Peak Analyzer's Recalculate  

After fit in PA, now support X Data Points for Individual Peak option in PA’s recalculation to make the individual peak curve more smooth

Two sample t-Test On Rows supports "Equal Variance not Assumed"  

Two sample t-Test On Rows supports "Equal Variance not Assumed"

Data Handling

Add Support for N42 in XML import  

Added N42 Connector to import N42 files.

Auto Separate LN Unit in Connectors  

Connector re-import will remember the action “Extract Units from Long Name“.

Auto Complete for entering Formula in worksheet  

Auto complete for Functions and Named Ranges in Formula bar, Data Cell, User-Defined parameter label cell, and Formula box in Set Values dialog.

Basic image operations for image window  

Click anywhere in image to show mini toolbar with basic operations: Add ROI, Actual Size, Flip, Rotate, Convert to Gray and Stack Navigation.

Please note that Stack Navigation is only available for video and multi-frame image like gif.

Basic Image Operations in New Image Window  

Import or copy image into Graph using new image window

Clear data in ROI  

Right click on ROI and choose Clear menu to clear data in ROI.

Connect to Web Improvements  

Some improvements in Connect to web.

Context menu for new image window  

Right click on image with common operations

Convert matrix to worksheet Improvements  

Improvements on output worksheet to make it easier to read, also supports converting multiple matrix objects into XYZZZ… columns and color matrix converting to worksheet.

Convert old BMP image object to new CV image object  

convert to new CV image when double click old BMP image in graph or object manager

Create Graph from Image Window  

Open and image then choose Image: Plot Image main menu to use image as new graph’s background.

Crop or Clip ROI in image window  

User can crop image and if the image is inserted to graph window, user can clip to only show region of interest in graph

CSV Connector date time improvement  

CSV Connector supports auto detect “yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,###” date format.

Ctrl+C Copy image window lost data type  

Copy image window then paste to the other places. The pastes image’s data type should be same as source graph’s.

DC Connect to Google Drive or OneDrive  

Connect to files on google drive or onedirve.

Dim image outside ROI box  

Image outside ROI box is dimmed to highlight the region of interest

Easier way to copy matrix object to other sheet  

Add Copy To menu in matrix image thumbnail’s context menu. It could copy matrix object to new sheet/book.

Edit Images in Graphs and Worksheet cells in Image Window  

New image window will be used to edit images inserted in graph, worksheet and layout window

Export Image from new Image window  

After crop, rotate, flip, etc. on image window, user can export the image.

Image Import from saved file name  

Image file info. saved in image window for link, reimport, etc.

Image Window Conversions  

Convert image to matrix, merge to color image or split color image.

Image Window Linked File and Insert into Graphs  

Image’s linked file path will show on the status bar. Right click Image and choose Source File Path context menu to update image.

Image Window Should Allow Pixelation When Zoomed In  

New a image window then click the Zoom button on Standard toolbar to set the zoom level.

Image with XY Mapping Issues  

It supports transfer image to Graph. After inserting Image From Image window. right click on Image and choose Embed Image to Graph.

Import multiple images as an image stack in Image Window  

Supports importing multiple image files into one image window.

Improve Auto Detections -- Additive Files  

CSV Connector support auto detect German thousand separator and decimal.

Improvements on the simpler Find dialog  

Improvements on the little Find tool such as find previous & next, minimize the dialog to make changes in worksheet

Include Label Rows in wreplace X-Function  

Add Include Label Rows option when using wreplace X-Function to find and replace cell values

Information and Navigation bar of new image window  

Use Information and Navigation for basic info. reading and navigation.

Insert Image File to Graph window Improvements  

Improve the experience of inserting image file to graph

Insert Image from Image Window  

Choose Insert: Image from Image Window… to choose images in new Image window into graph.

Insert image to worksheet cell  

Add Copy as Image button on worksheet cell’s mini toolbar. It could copy the inserted image in a cell. And Ctrl+C should also work.

InsertImg2g XF improvement  

Use new way to insert image

Issues about saving and loading image linked file  

Insert the GIF type image file to graph or worksheet cell and shows all frames in the file.

Keyboard Access to Video Navigation  

Choose menu File: New: Image/Video to open a video file, press Shift + Arrow or Shift + Ctrl + Arrow to switch frames.

Make worksheet tab color changeable like in Excel  

Support color worksheet tab.

Matrix mini toolbar More  

Define Name…(Ctrl+L) button is added on matrix’s mini toolbar.

Matrix ROI stats on status bar  

Easier way to get matrix statistics in region of interest

Matrix Shrink Smooth Improvements  

Support Column and Row Factor for the Analysis: Signal Processing: Smooth tool

More Basic Image Support in Image Window  

Cut and clear entire image, copy image within ROI and paste to another image window, clear ROI object in image window

More on grayscale image and Palette support  

Added LT img.GrayMax for new image window to set the maximum value of palette.

More ROI Features for Image Window  

Add Labtalk command to convert ROI back to Rectangle/Circle/Polygon object.

Named Range  

Assign Names to cell(s), column, matrix object for later use in calculations:

New Join Worksheets by Column Tool  

Introduce a new tool to join two worksheets by column more convenient.

ODBC Import to handle images  

Database import using ODBC support image now.

Origin crashed when Import *.ROI file  

Supports import and export polypolygon type ROI in Matrix.

Palette support in new image window  

Use mini toolbar or Labtalk command for palette

Put Dataset Identifier in front of Data column  

When appending worksheets rowwise or join worksheet by labels, support putting Dataset Identifier in front of data columns

Resize image  

Resize image support

Set Coordinates of an Image  

For image with known scale, use Set Coordinate dialog to set the left, right, top bottom coodinates and unit

Set Image File in Graph/Layout to be a linked file  

Set Image File in Graph/Layout to be a linked file to save project file size

Set Scale of an Image  

Set image scale based on scale marker in image

Stack columns in all sheets of a book  

Stack columns with common label from all sheets

Status bar improvements  

Improved info. on Status bar

Support more image types like floating-point images  

Support open images in Real32 and Bit16.

Support sorting of columns and worksheet by categorical order  

Support sorting worksheet by categorical order.

Use new Image window when drag and drop image into Origin  

Drag and drop image file into Origin workspace. New image window will be used by default.

Using ROI in new Image Window  

Better default and easier way to edit ROI position.

Want new options to detect main headers in CSV Connector  

Added Main header ends with node under Main header lines for CSV Connector, available only when Auto is unchecked.

Worksheet Cell Note  

Insert Note in Worksheet Cell

Worksheet mini toolbar for empty cell  

Support mini toolbar for empty cell.

Zoom and Rescale support wanted for graph with layer background image  

Add Apply Whole Image Scale to Graph context menu for images inserted as layer background.


3D Bar from Top plane  

Support Maximum as Base Plane

Add Bend Link after Node(%) control to avoid overlapped link for Sankey plot  

When source or target node is flipped or rotate=180, special point link would show Bend Link after Node(%) in Link tab. Default is 50.

Add context menu to copy legend text  

Add Copy as Text under Copy in Legend’s context menu

Add System Template to Template Library  

Support all system template in Template Library, check System checkbox, all system template will show, select one and click Plot menu to plot.

Adjust windows size and position in Origin according to screen resolution and DPI  

Resize and reposition windows to make it display the same layout in workspace in different resolution and DPI by system variable @SRWS

Allow deleting Extend Template from Template Library  

Support Deleting Extend Template from Template Library and New Book dialog

Allow to change Gap between symbols and arrows on Lollipop graph  

Add option Arrow Offset in Plot Detail dialog’s Drop Lines tab, unit is point(same as symbol size)

Connect data points to centroid  

Show Centroid of plot and connect data points to it

Connect Lines within Subset  

Easier way to plot grouped line+symbol plots

Contour Label follow the flow of contour line  

Add control in Plot Detail’s Label tab: Align with Contour Line and Curve Tolerance.

Contour profile/Image profile improvements  

Contour profile/Image profile line and text label more control

Contour support multiple labels on one contour line  

Add control in Plot Detail’s Label tab: Repeat Labels checkbox and Distance Between Labels(%)

Crop and Clip of region of interest in Image  

For images inserted in graph/layout, user can either crop or clip to only show region of interest in image

Customize Page Grid Settings  

Make it easy to customize page gridding to easily arrange layers and objects in graph and layout window

Data Plot legend use default symbol size in bubble graph  

Use default symbol size for data plot legend in bubble plot

Export embedded graph with Book and sheet name in File name  

Improvements on exporting embedded graphs and sending embedded graphs to powerpoint naming syntax to allow using graph sheet name, etc.

Export Margin Offsets Improvements  

Improve the ease of use of Set Margin Offset in Graph

Extended Graph Templates  

More than 40 extended graph templates are added to extend Origin’s graph capabilities

Eyedropper on Select Color Control  

Eyedropper under Custom group of color control to pick color on screen

Fill pattern for 3D bars  

Set Fill pattern on Patterns tab of Plot Details dialog

Fill to Next Plot for radar plot  

If plotting two curves in radar plot, user can fill from one plot to next with one color or two colors

Gradient fill for drawing object such as rectangle and circle  

Support gradient fill for Rectangle, Circle, Polygon and Region tool.

Graph Annotator  

Draw Data tool and Data: Graph Annotator… will use this new tool to pick screen points in graph

Images in Graph and Image Window Improvements  

Improvements on editing images in graph with new image window

Improvements to adding Function Plots  

Insert: Function Plot will open Create Function Plot dialog to add multiple function plots to current graph window

Inner Border of Bottom 2 follow Bottom 1 in Axis  

Add checkbox Extend Inside Border for each table row under Inside Border, in Axis dialog's table tab.

Insert Map To Graph  

Support World Map on range (0 360) and add Europe Map

Insert SVG Image to graph  

Support inserting SVG image to graph

Make it easier to copy graph as OLE vs PNG/HTML etc.  

Changes made to Page tab of Options dialog, and to Edit menu.

Make it easier to edit legend margin in 3D graphs  

Click border of legend in 3D graphs same as the one in 2D graphs

Matrix Contour Plot Ease of Use improvement  

Check matrix units to set isometric, increase speed mode

Merge Graph Auto Page Size Like Layout  

Get auto page size according to graph size and graph arrangement like Merge Graph to Layout. And after the change, merge graph dialog could align layer frame properly.

Mini Toolbar for Controlling Reference Lines  

Support mini toolbar for reference lines and fill of reference lines

Mini toolbar for data highlighter  

Mini toolbar to create sub sheet, delete points, mask/unmask highlighted points, and mask/unmask dimmed points.

Mini Toolbar to Make Double-X Plot Easier  

Support Add Secondary Axis button in Axes mini toolbar to make Double-X plot easier

More Label Position for Reference Line  

Add Middle - Above, Middle - Below option for axis reference line’s label position

More Options for Fill Area Under Curve  

User can fill area under a curve to specified plot or any axis or specified straight line. T

New Simple Graph Export tool  

More image type plus actual size and dpi settings

Overlap points offset plot on Polar graph should be along the angular direction  

Support offset points in polar coordinate to be along angular and radial direction.

Paste PNG to Origin Graphs  

Paste PNG to Origin Graphs, by default "keep aspect ratio" will be checked.

Pie Map  

Pie chart on Map

Plot multi-panel graph by X  

Make multi-panel graph by number of X columns

Provide sample project for system and extended templates in Template Library  

Use Open Sample button to open sample project for system and extended templates

Ridgeline Chart  

It’s like histogram of each column of data with some Y offset or a horizontal half violin plots

Right align Color Scale Tick Labels  

Tick Labels for Color Scale was always left-aligned automatically in the past.

Sankey support connect style of the link  

Add a checkbox Step-Horz Connect with a editbox under Curvature

Scatter Plot Symbol Improvements  

User-defined symbol improvements

Select Multiple Plots  

Select multiple plots in graph window to edit together

Show data requirement for templates under main Plot menu  

Redesign the tooltip for all templates under main Plot menu to how to arrange data for each graph template. Add basic instructions on some graph templates

Show dx and dy info. for Graphic objects  

When draw a graph object like Line, click it and show dx and dy info. on status bar (bottom right corner of Origin)

Show Graphic Object in Object Manager  

Use Object Manger to turn on/off graphic object and change its drawing order

Show Mini toolbar in Object manager  

Mini toolbar based on selection in Object Manager

Simpler Arrange Layers tool  

New simplified dialog to change graph to mxn layers

Spacing improvements in Merge Graphs and Layer Management dialogs  

More Spacing units are added in Merge Graphs and Layer Management dialogs

Standardize Variables for K Mean Cluster  

Standardize Variables for K-Means Cluster Analysis and Support Cluster plot for K-Means Cluster Analysis

Sunburst Plot  

Plot Multi-X+Y data, e.g. XXY, XXXY, … data into sunburst plot

Support Data Point Tooltip for 3D graphs  

Support show data point tooltip for 3D Scatter, XYZ Bar, XYY Bar plot

Support Object Manager for Layout Windows  

All graph objects can be easily selected in Object Manager, and do further setting like group, align or move the graph object to change its order.

Support recession bar by Span Vertically Pairwise  

Make it easy to add recession bar by pairwise start and end x value of each region

Support Spacing Between Subsets For Floating Column/Bar Plot  

New Graph template Grouped Floating Bar allowing setting space between groups of floating bars/columns.

Support Y Value Colormap for Violin  

In Ridgeline Chart, we support Y value colormap fill. We could support it too for violin plot.

Tick Label Table Improvements  

Wrap text and drag to resize each tick table row height

Vertical writing in axis label for Japanese/Chinese  

This is special for Japanese and Chinese characters.

Y Value Colormap also support for ungrouped plot  

Now Origin support Y value Colormap for single plot.


HTML Notes Improvements and Issues  

Support add Graph/Image with Graph/Image dialog

Add HTML Report as sheet will show HTML* as default name and syntax is HTML

Improve Attaching files to opju  

Improvements of how to attach files to Origin Project File

Improve the performance when make Box Violin plot with large data  

The performance of Box Chart, Violin Plot, Histogram has been improved.

Improve the performance when save project with embedded EMF cells  

The performance of saving project with embedded EMF image cells has been improved a lot.

Improvement on gridline removal for digitizer tool  

Improve remove gridline for catesian axis for digitizer tool

Modify all the pre-shipped VI files to add the "Close References" application control  

Resave all pre-shipped VI sample files with Labview 2020 SP1.

Quickly Switch back to last window in project  

Add Return to Last Window to more context menus

Show different messages at 2 cases for AutoHide pin in Project Explorer  

Origin 2022 Shows different hint messages at 2 cases for AutoHide pin in Project Explorer/Messages Log and so on

standard GUI accelerator not allow reassign from UFF origin.ini  

If an origin tool has already been assigned hotkey by default, then user can not further change accelerator by UFF origin.ini. such as CTRL+Y is always for NLFit dialog.

Support modify row range of Input Data during Batch Process  

Add pre-defined variables _i1 and _i2 to modify row range in Batch Process

Support open Template Center from Template Library and New Book dialog  

support open Template Center directly from Template Library and New Book dialog to download Graph/Book Template

Note: Template Center is not ready yet.

Support package.ini for Apps  
  1. Add option to create package.ini from app in code builder

  2. Support make opx from package.ini

  3. Add more app info control in Package Manager dialog

Update Grid Spacing settings in page tab of Options dialog  
  1. Update name of grid spacing settings in Options dialog

  2. Remove Page grid control from Options dialog


Adding Plot to Layer with Bubble Chart Issue  

Support add basic scatter plot to the graph layer that has a bubble plot.

Data Connector Class for controlling settings  

Added following functions:

op.Connector(self, wks, dctype = '', keep_DC=True)
dc.source(self)/dc.source(self, s)
dc.new_sheet(self, name)
dc.imp(self, fname='', sel='', sparks=False)

file section access with UTF16 needed  

Pass “UTF16” for comment to keep the encode as “UTF16“.

For example:

okutil_write_file_section(strIni, "Test", strContent, “UTF16”);
Improvements of Color() function (beta3)  

Using Color function to pick color from built-in or user-defined color list or palette

Labtalk page method to save workbook  

Added a new save method to page object to save workbook.

LET function to support vector intermediates  

LET function suppports vector variable as argument.

LT access for fill only transparency  

Added new switch to access Transparency for Fill Only and Follow Line Transparency option in Line, Column plot.

LT access on ROI object  

LabTalk command to add/delete ROI object for both matrix and image layer.

LT wks property to count user-defined parameters  

Added a new property to wks object to count user-defined parameters.

Methods to set parameter value and pop up Parameters dialog during fitting  
#Pop up Parameters dialog during fitting

#Set Parameter value
model.set_param(self, p, val)
More OC Support for image handling  

1.Added OC callable Function to get unique integer values from array.

OCUTILS_API int		ocu_find_unique_values(IntArray* pocvnInput, IntArray* pocvnOutput, int nMinRepeat = 0, IntArray* pocvnOutputRepeatCounts = NULL);

2.Added two oc functions for cvMat class.

int LoadImage(LPCSTR fileName);
int GetRGB(vector<int> &vRGB);
More on Matrix and Image Access from Python  

1.Improve to_np2d(frame) and from_np2d(data,frame) to get/set single matrix object/image frame in Matrix Layer/image window.

2.Support basic Image Window properties, like channels, frames, size, type(single, multi, video etc).

3.Support more image types for IPage::to_np() and IPage::from_np().

OC to load template as minimized  

Added a bit CREATE_MINIMIZED to Page::Create function to support creating page as minimized.

Origin C OC Issues and Improvements 2022  

Support OC way to get GraphObject from Range String.

originpro improvements in worksheet  

Added following functions to WSheet class.

merge_label(self, type_ = 'L', unmerge=False)
del_col(self, c1, nc=1)
cell(self, row, col)
originpro, OriginExt and OrglabExt support Python 3.10.x  

Improved originpro and OriginExt packages to support Python 3.10.x

Profiling on Image Stack Low Level Functions(beta3)  
  1. Pixel Profile for image with multiple frames or matrix with multiple objects.

  2. Horizontal, Vertical and Arbitrary Line Profile for image with multiple frames or matrix with multiple objects.

provide a way to delete all associated loose dataset when delete Graph  

  2. use @DLWG=1 to turn on this macro for delete action(win -c, OPJ Examiner app).

note: @DLWG=1 will not work for deleting graph by X button or delete key.

Python Access to Image Window  

1.Added IPage class, and add following functions:

1.1,Added following functions to originpro.

new_image(lname='', hidden=False)

1.2,Added following functions to IPage class.

from_np(self, arr)

1.3,Added following function to Page class.


1.4.Support adding 2D symbol and line plot to Image window.

dp = im.layer.addplot(...)
Python Packages Manager Supports Proxy Setting  

Built-in Python Packages Manager support uses Proxy Server

Release Origin After Python Script Finished  

Added op.detach() to detach Origin working with interactive python.

Support put SQLite database query result to vector  

Add two functions into Class OSQLite to support output query result to vector data.

int GetFieldDataByName(vector<string>* pvsData, vector<double>* pvdData, LPCSTR lpcszField);
int GetFieldDataByIndex(vector<string>* pvsData, vector<double>* pvdData, int iField);
Support to disable Anti-Aliasing in plot level  

Added a new property to layer.plot object to control the Anti-Aliasing in plot level.

Want command to remove all formula and keep results (beta3)  

A new command is added to remove all formula and keep only static results so user can easily release a project to a 3rd party.

Want option in X-Function to open different Folder Browser  

Added a new Control keyword …Path2 to decide the Folder Browser style.

X-Function range support resolve Page input to all layers  

If only Page is specified, it can be resloved to all layers in the page for range input.


Refine by Type

Refine by Category