Support added for alignment of various objects to page (instead of layer)

Version: 2024b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Label and Annotation

Jira: ORG-28586

In Origin 2024, we enabled Object Edit toolbar buttons for single layer selection so that users can easily align a layer to center, left, right, top, and bottom relative to the whole page.

They are enabled for individual text, legend, and graphic objects as well in Origin 2024b so that users can easily align them relative to page.

E.g.: Add a text label to a graph. Select it and click the Vertical button. It will put the text to center of graph page. Clicking the Top button will align the text to top of the page.

Note: When multiple text, graphic objects, or layers are selected, the alignment will be based on the first object in the selection. E.g.: Select layer and then click a text object. Clicking Right button will align the text to right edge of layer.