Origin 2024b Features


In the interp1xy and reducexy X-Functions, an inverse button has been added after the X End ‘Auto’ checkbox. It switches the values of X Start and X End.

A new option in the Edit menu offers a quick way to remove operation locks.

Data can easily be extracted from a graph by drawing ROIs using the Data Extraction Gadget

Arbitrary shapes in the Cluster Gadget now allows user to change the shape points via click-and-drag.

Origin 2024b uses OpenCV 4.8.0. (upgraded from 4.5.2).

Data Handling

For now scope info and tooltip for symbol plot are added to svg

Support copy file path/ID and locate to imported file when change data source

We have made it easier to find cells with DDE links.

Support delete and change scope of multiple defined named ranges

Better support transparent background when export PNG

Improve import speed for NetCDF Connector.

Empty column label/metadata rows are now trimmed when transposing worksheets.

JSON Connector supports importing files in the JSON5 format.

improve wbk.DC.newsheet() function to support “Connect by Duplicating Active Sheet”.

This new feature allows users to easily copy and paste the mask condition of some column(s) to other(s).

Improvements for the fill column with pattern date/time values tool

Added On Folder Change option to Auto Import menu.

When user make any changes to an invisible selection, the selection will comes back into view

Support has been added for connecting or opening files on a SharePoint server using the Connect to Web dialog.

Add a new object to the wks.dc object to support “Nested Arrays as Columns” when import JSON

Support real time drawing for graph object in workbook

Support open and save project file from cloud.

New tools are available to reshape Date/Time data.

Transparent Background checkbox in Export Graph dialog for PNG and TIFF image types

Update HDF5 dll version to 1.14.3

Update CDF dll version to 3.9.0

Update Matlab dll version to 1.5.26

Update NetCDF dll version to 4.9.2.

Update SPSS SAV dll version to 28.0.1


Multiple 3D graphs with double Z axis (left and right Z axis)

Map waterall plot’s fill color by Y values

The support added is similar to the 3D Stacked Bar with X, Y, and multiple Z data. The bar is from one Z to another Z, with the logic being similar to that of the 2D Floating Bar.

The new syntax allows users to display Year/Month for the 1st Tick of the Year/Month

Arrow-like Color Scales can be made using a triangular Head and Tail.

Sankey Link labels can now be hidden using the “Hide of Less than(%)” feature.

Add Auto to Length dropdown

Books and Sheets are listed alphabetically.

  1. Plot a histogram, contour, heatmap or image plot from image stack window

  2. Click the Column Switching Browser Graph button from the page-level Mini Toolbar

  3. For histograms from a multi-frame image or video, only 1 histogram is plotted by default. Click the down arrow on the left panel and choose All Frames from same image to load all frames on the left. Select multiple frames are supported.

All template categories are now shown in:

  1. Save Template As dialog

  2. categories in drop-down when editing user-defined template in Template Library

If multiple graph objects are group, individual group members can now be edited.

Ctrl+Drag a text, line, arrow, rectangle, circle, etc. to make a copy at new location, similar to MS Powerpoint

Images found in a worksheet cell can now be used in the Data Annotation feature.

If there are modifier columns in the plot (such as color, size etc.), the relevant information is shown in the tooltip.

The popup dialog is now more helpful when trying to build a Pie chart or Doughnut plot with a single categorical column selected.

Add specific drop line positions by with “y=…” or “x=…”

Added a button to the Mini Toolbar to annotate Min & Max Values when clicking on contour graph

A Flip Axis button has been added to the Mini Toolbar to easily switch axes' From and To values

Edit Point added to the Mini Toolbar and context menu, allowing users to easily adjust shapes

The Scatter Matrix dialog now has a checkbox for Fitting Equation that will display the equation for the linear fit line.

This can also be toggled from the Mini Toolbar.

The graph’s Long Name is shown in Merge Graph Windows dialog and Object Manager window (if it exists).

Support added for Hierarchical Edge Bundling .

A new shortcut has been added. Ctrl+Shift+E now triggers Fit Page to Layers.

The Radius Axis of Polar Contour plots can now be edited User wants the radius value to be increased towards the center. Simply switching the From and To values of the r axis now work.

Text objects and axes now display more information in Object Manager

Users now have more control when inserting new plots to the active graph.

Added support for custom and plot name for report title+

In the Axis dialog’s “Show” tab, the Share Axis Style for All Axes checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown menu.

The Line tab now contains an option to show arrows along a curve or line, indicating the direction of a plot.

Grouped graph objects of the same type can now have their individual settings changed in sync via the Mini Toolbar.

Data > Edit Range now allows for changes to be applied to entire group in Stacked Column and Stacked Bar graphs.

Added more online templates for 2024b. You can get the latest online template by selecting menu Tools > Template Center.

The Plot menu is now available for image windows. This allows images to be directly plotted to a histogram, contour, heatmap, profile or 3D surface graphs.

Added support to skip data points in 3D Scatter graphs.

Streamline is now supported with matrix data.

Object Edit toolbar buttons now allow an to align a single object (text, graphic, etc.) relative to page

If a column contains When date column is the same day, Origin 2024b now displays time to treat X to be same day. For some plots, the last data point is at 23:59 and the last tick is slightly after that and thus the tick label is showing 00:00 since it has reached 24

A new default palette makes it easy to prepare colorblind-accessible figures.

When worksheet format is already set, tick label format of Date/Time data will follow the column’s display format.

Improvements made to legend updating when a plot is removed from graph.

When creating a plot with plotvm or plotmultivm, it will automatically set column label notation to refer to XYZ titles. For example, since %H means source sheet, the Long Name of the 1st column in the source sheet could be %(%@H, 1, L).


Add “More Apps” menu to list important/popular apps

In Object Manager, add Collapse All Siblings, Expand All Siblings in context menu of layer level, click it will collapse/expand all siblings

Drag a rectangle in graph will show Mini Toolbar.

Copy Data to copy all data in rectangle as multiple columns

Copy Data as One Set to copy all data in rectangle as one XY column

Support snapping to minor tick and 1/2 minor tick

Support drag and change scale with reverse X/Y

Add a icon in Object Manager to toggle plot and object

Blue dot shows next to folder that has folder notes in PE

Add Notes for graph window

Set system variable @HPT to 1 to hide opju file path in Origin workspace title bar

Light gray dark theme is added when dark mode is on

In Origin2024, Dark mode unsupported message shows in Message Log window only and thus it is easily omitted.

In Origin2024b, Dark mode unsupported message shows in a popping up message box.

Turn on LZ4 Compression checkbox by default in package manager dialog

Redo support and improved Undo support in more places

Object Manager show exactly what’s in legend

Change Command Window and Results Log to be scintilla based so that it’s easier to change display font size


LabTalk function erfi() to compute the value of the imaginary error function for specified complex c

Add new character “#” to clear the content and hide the label row.

Origin provide Landaucdf, Landaupdf and Landauinv functions for OriginC and LabTalk

New functions mode() and modes() are added

Ctrl+Shift+ click on Mini Toolbar MT dumps LabTalk Script.

Add a new parameter sort2 to support sorting by occurrence

Basic supports for Web Type Files, e.g. js, css, json

Add new rename method to LabTalk Layer object to support auto enumeration

Python 3.12 is available now, so we published a new OriginExt 1.2.2 for it.

Added two bits bWait and bShowMsg to okutil_http_download function to support download file in another thread.

  • int okutil_http_download(LPCSTR lpcszURL, LPCSTR lpcszFileName, int nConnectTimeout = 0, int nResponseTimeout = 30, BOOL bIgnoreCertError = FALSE, BOOL bWait = TRUE, BOOL bShowMsg = FALSE);

Support redeclare for LabTalk String variable

Improved GETN_MULTI_COLS_BRANCH(_NCOLS, _GAP); to supported arrange layout for radio.

Added OCHTTP_SRC_BIN bit for okutil_http_ex function to support upload binary file.

Add LabTalk access to customize Color Scale label format

Origin 2024b Bug Fixes


Data Handling





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Refine by Category