LabTalk of Connect by Duplicate

Version: 2024b

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Import

Jira: ORG-28166

Optional 2nd argument 1 is added newsheet(sheet$[, 1] ) method to connect new sheet/data by duplicating active sheet’s analysis, calculation, ….

For Excel connector, only need to set sheet$ as sheet name, e.g.

wbook.dc.path$=system.path.program$+"Samples\Import and Export\United States Energy (1980-2013).xls";
wbk.DC.newsheet("Natural Gas", 1);

For other connectors, e.g. Origin project connector, need to set sheet$ as “[bookname]Sheetname”, e.g.

string fname$=system.path.program$+"Samples\tutorial data.opju";
wks.dc.source$ = fname$;
wks.dc.sel$ = "[book6]pre-Electrical Open";
rnormalize -r 1 irng:=4 method:=range100; //normalize 4th column

//Import new sheet by duplicate same operation in active sheet
//2nd argument 1 is new in Origin 2024b
wbook.dc.Newsheet("[book6]post-Electrical Open",1);