Origin 2023 Features

Data Handling

Alignment toolbar buttons are enabled for hyperlink cells

Enumerate column part with Ctrl+Drag

Alternate row column fill color

Default GEO information setting Export image dialog when exporting as TIF file type

Shift cell notes so cell notes will not be too small

Cell notes font control, gap from frame control and viewability in Column list view

Split Recent URLs menu into two menus, Sample URLs and Recent URLs

Support copy whole sheet as HTML table or EMF image without any selection

Support Ctrl+Shift+ Arrow key for whole row or column selection similar to Excel

Add checkbox “Export Cell Formats” in expExcel dialog

Ignore hidden rows, show border, etc.

Freeze rows and columns in worksheet

Improve iwfilter X-Function to support edit Python or LabTalk code from user defined import filter.

Hide sheets in Workbook

Improve NetCDF Connector to import NetCDF file with group property.

Support export Multiframe TIF with GeoTIFF info

Support reorder File list on bottom panel of Multiple ASCII dialog.

New notations are added to execute LabTalk script, open external file.

Improve autofill behavior for cell formula with row index

Improve the handle of cell fomula cache for better performance

Include XML connector in product with metadata imported and drag and drop support

Different treatment of merged cell in column label row and data area

Improvements when inserting workbook into layout window

Shows Auto Complete hint for the syntax of function argument.

Make moving sheets in book easier.

There is an option in the dropdown list and default to it if we detect matrix has that info.

Support merge columns by median and also support output multiple quantities

Mini toolbar to move row(s) up or down

Set imported info as read-only in Organizer.

Add Other Options button in Data connector for more options

Add preview button in expG2img dialog

Disable Editing of worksheet by adding a lock on sheet

Select columns by LabTalk Script

On Status bar, show statistics when doing selection in column label area

Skip Hidden Sheets when stacking worksheets

Hold Ctrl key and click on those already selected cells to deselect them

  1. We support export multiple frames as TIF.

  2. Export Browser Graph as Video or Multi-frame TIFF

  3. Export Image Window All Frames as Video

Added checkbox “Convert to WGS84” to dialog.

When unstacking columns, choose Custom option to specify where each grouping info. is output to

Right-click a worksheet cell and choose Insert Images from Files to open insertImag dialog, a new option Insert Direction is added to choose the direction to insert images.

Improvements on Print/Export tab of Worksheet Properties

Allow wrapping rich text in worksheet cell

Origin 2023 Bug Fixes

Data Handling


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