More on ROIs from SVG files

Version: 2023

Type: Features

Category: Analysis

Subcategory: Image Processing

Jira: ORG-25600

  1. Pls check the Jira for details about Origin C code.

  2. LabTalk command to set the transparency of paths object

    draw -paths -d -t <transparency> objName <pathname of .SVG file>
  3. LabTalk command to set the rotation of paths object

    draw -paths -d -r <angleof rotation in degrees> objName <pathname of .SVG file>
  4. LabTalk command to skip <rect> element. If the first drawing element is <rect> and its width and height are the same as the width and the height of the root <svg> element, the <rect> element will be skipped.

    draw -paths -d -rr objName <pathname of .SVG file>