Origin 2022b Features


Add Digits button to MT of Report Table  

Support Digits button in mini toolbar to change the digits of report table

Add Pause Recalculate button to menu with hotkey  

Pause and resume auto recalculation menu under Analysis menu and hotkey Ctrl+0

Batch Processing supports Start New Columns import mode  

support start new columns import mode when do batch processing

Better recalculation update of Book Input  

Detect adding/deleting sheets and trigger recalculation

Customize ROI label  

Custom Label support for Quick Fit/Statistics gadgets

Export Analysis Results to be NC File  

We support export the analysis results of NC matrix such as Linear Fit, Average etc to a valid NC file.

Improvements on using active book to do analysis  

Add <none> option for Result sheet when using active book to do repeated analysis

More options in column normalization  

Normalize column(s) to a specified range or use statistics of reference column to normalize column

named range refers to fitting function parameters, x from and to values, lower & upper bounds, initialize parameter in NLFIT using LabTalk, etc.  

Support name range in fitting tool, Define Name in worksheet cell, use the Name rather than actual name to set critical parameters like Intercept, Slope in fitting tool.

Parameter Initial formula improvements  

In Origin2022 or before, if set Initial Formula for some Parameters, the initial value for Parameters with no initial formula will be 0, in Origin2022b, Use auto parameter intialization code for those with no initial formula.

Reorder P-P plot data in residual graph  

Should not sort the P-P plot’s data.

Repeat analysis output improvements  

support output result to same sheet when repeat analysis for all Y columns

Support EMF/SVG for user defined fitting function preview  

For a user defined fitting function, there will be a .FDF in User Files Folder, put a EMF/SVG with same name as the FDF, in NLFIT dialog, set Function as user defined fitting function, in Formula tab, the preview for the function shows

Support missing value dealing method in 2D interpolation tool  

Origin 2022b Bug Fixes


FFT_Filters settings is changed to auto after recalculate if opj is saved in 9.0 or before version  
linear fit generate wrong result for 2 points data with large X  
New Output for All Curves failed to give stats of each curve  
STFT output wrong column unit for Amplitude Result  
Want to keep Categorical Status when there is recalculate  
wAppend result sheet fail to update when do batch processing  


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