Origin 2024 Features


In Origin2024 before, batch plot will not include any special point, now support

When plot is created with intermediate sheet, support batch base on info in source sheet

When batch processing with many files in specified folder, support Data Source as Import All Files from Folder and set File Extension to batch processing with specified data type

When batch processing with large files, Hide intermediate workbook due to OS resource exhausts

Interpolate multiple data and based on same X.

The algorithm for the Triangle method in Interpolate Z from XY tool has been changed.

When batch processing with specifying folder, if there are new files/deleted files/modified files, click Reprocess button to only reprocess on these file

Add Custom Display for Error Value edit box in the fitting tools.

Add cvroiprofile x-function to support ROI Intensity Profile for image window

Smooth multiple data at the same time

Add span by x values for Lowess and Loess method in smooth tools

For Gadgets: Vertical Cursor, when click Add Tag and Label, now it will also output the tag result sheet

Origin 2024 Bug Fixes



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