Origin 2023b Features


Support changing ReportFit.otpu and FitPreview.otpu to set defeault line style and width

After doing Gadget or Analysis, not add analysis markers, tags and fitted curves as new entries in left panel

Copy Table from result sheet as transposed table (text) to clipboard

Customize Pearson’s r and Adj. R-Aquare Label

support log_e scale digitizer

The output worksheet of Gadgets changes to [%H-xxx], %H means the Short Name of source graph, it’s easy to know the source graph of the result

Add Set GrayScale Range and Reset GrayScale Range mini toolbars buttons for the grayscale image.

Improve recalculation not to show hidden column label in result sheet

  1. Add Auto Rescale Background Image button on layer’s mini toolbar when background image is linked to an image window.

  2. When Auto Rescale Background Image mode is on, the coordinate changes in the image window will be applied to graph layer’s XY scale.

  3. Plot image by menu Image: Plot image and the Auto Rescale Background Image mode is on for the plotted graph.

  1. Added option to change Image Window’s background color

  2. Display Actual Size Show Image at Window Center

Improved img.fps to support gif image.

If ROI’s full name/SVG name/slice name of brain atlas exists, it’ll be outputted to the Intensity Profile result.

Now multiple ROIs for Image window can easily select, rename, delete etc in Object Manager

Right click on image window and choose Add ROI context menu, it will add ROI instead of modify.

Create ROI from the SVG, the ROI full name, SVG name and slice name of brain atlas will be saved into binary storage tree:


No mini toolbar should show for Vertical cursor and zoom in rectangle box

Add 4 context menus about ROI for image window:

  1. Export ROI… (//disable when there is no ROI)

  2. Import ROI…

  3. Create ROI from XY…

  4. Clear All ROIs (//disable when there is no ROI)

We improved the algorithm of baseline detection in Quick Peak

Statistics on all columns of a sheet

  1. Origin2023b adds Exclude Missing Values checkbox under Case Sensitive. It is checked by default. It should exclude both missing values and empty values.

  2. Origin 2023b adds Cumulative Count checkbox under Count.

The Circle, Polygon, Region Tool on the Tools toolbar is available for adding ROI on image window.

Origin 2023b Bug Fixes



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