Origin 2023 Features


Support free-hand shape ROI in 2D Integration Gadget

Added option to control default Gadget Button Size and label size above the ROI box

Convert XYZZZ columns into multiple matrix objects in same matrix sheet

Linked matrix of ROI in image window with proper XY coordinates.

  1. Added Footnote to Power result in Two Sample t-Test

  2. Added Footnote to Power result in (PSS) Two Sample t-Test

All Columns context menu in more tools to easily pick all columns as import and more…

Added Weighted ROI checkbox option to mroiprofile dialog for tiny coordinates ROI.

  1. Create ROIs with the sub-paths object’s name by Origin C

  2. Origin C support defining sub-paths object’s name by json file

  3. Set the transparency, rotation when loading the paths object by Origin C/Labtalk

  4. List all sub-paths and create optional ROI by Origin C

  5. Optionally highlight/select all sub-paths of one name by Origin C

  6. Support showing tooltip when mouse over sub-path

  7. More select and highlight feedback on SVG sub-path, set @PDBMI=1/0 to change view mode

  8. Support rescaling the paths object along with window

  9. Support relocating and resizing the paths object(Keep Aspect Ratio or not)

  10. Support Copy Geometry and Paste Geometry context menu for the paths object

  11. If paths object is attached to Layer and Scale, press Shift and choose Paste Geometry menu to open the dialog and adjust the geometry value.

Normalize Columns within group defined in other columns

Result Sheet Column output changed in some types of analysis tools

Reduce XY data by group defined in other columns

Support creating graph object from SVG file, and create ROI from the graph object.

Options to show histogram as count, relative frequency or density, improve axis title of graphs when doing statistics by group, and Dataset Identifier improvements in report sheet.

When changing parameters and change input data to be from a different sheet, group list, etc. should provide way to pick group from new sheet

Support to use acronyms for ROI names created by SVG path objects

A 4th choice “Height %“ is added to the “Filter Peaks by“ combo

Support Z value stats in 3D graph and Fade-out Outer mode

Origin 2023 Bug Fixes


Origin 2023 Known Issues


Not works for the single frame tiff and gif file.


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