Origin 2023 Features

Support a new plot type 3D Heatmap with flatted surface and fill to grid.

Add User defined color block in legend

Add checkbox Show Parameter Table on the right side of Curve Type in Distribution tab.

In Line tab of 3D scatter plot/trajectory/vector, we can add Connect option on top of Style. dropdown could be Straight/Spline/B-Spline. Default is Straight. Spline/B-Spline should be same as Cubic Spline/B-Spline in interpxyz XF.

Use converted value to add reference line and label

Font Scaler (%) control on Minor Tick Labels tab

For multi-panel graphs arranged in 1 row or 1 column, added option to alternate sides to show ticks, tick labels and axis title

Measure the angle between two lines and annotate it

Data Plot Index for Auto Axis Titles should exclude function plot unless it's the only one

Better handling of Batch Plotting Short Name numbers

Easy way to plot Before After Graph and Double Y Box Chart

Set %c -hadj 0 to set no gap between half violin or split violin to center

Add New box chart legend style. And you can customize the box scale via control dialog.

We can interpolate according to selection, by group and merge color lists/ palettes.

When plotting Grouped box chart with data points showing, Data Points Color by option is added.

Support Column type in Multiple-Y Axis plot

Insert multiple levels and customize single level’s label style

We can show positive or negative sign in custom format

System variable to quit data highlight mode when switching to worksheet

Specify which Y-axis to plot against for multiple plots on the same layer.

Auto Rescale control for 2D and 3D layer level mini toolbar.

Boundary is more accurate after fitting layers to page and LabTalk command is added

Click the Go to the newly added Go to Source Sheet mini toolbar button to activate the sheet of plot

In Pattern tab, add More Colors option in Gradient Fill dropdown.

Option to hide function plot entries in legend

Keep cell display format in column labels and when using plot index when using W as last argument

  1. Support Color Scale Position in Color Scale Control dialog.

  2. Support drag object edge to resize width of color bar.

Added hotkey Ctrl+Alt+G to export with last used theme. Added a clickable link on messages log to view exported graph

For wrapped text, if not long, double click will enter in-place edit mode. For very long text, open Text Object dialog

Add system variable @MDF to Hide Map folder in Project Explorer after Insert Map

Add system variable @MDL to hide Legend after Insert Map for Contour plot

Hold Alt key and then paste graph or worksheet in layout to another layout window to keep the size

Center alignment, wrap text, etc.

New LabTalk property to access minor tick length and thickness

Round and brace bracket shapes added

More label location options for reference lines

Smart skip point options based on data density and shape

Keep plot customizations when moving data points

Choose Horizontal First or Vertical First when arranging multi-panel graphs.

Rename layer names and etc.

Mini toolbar button on page level to add a center-aligned title on top of graph

LabTalk command to change line plots by worksheet order or sorted X

Support replacing 3D/Contour graph with another Matrix dataset in Plot Setup dialog

Add a submenu under Graph: Legend: to restore legend position

Add Separator button on Text tab of Text Object dialog to easily add an extra space between lines

Right click reference line to set it as default reference line style for future use

For each set of linked layers, different spacing can be set

Function plots, used to shows F1 in the legend. Now it shows the Function Formula

Extended minimum Z axis length to 10%

Options to sort point by point legend by X, Y, or alphabetical order

Support stacking plot horizontally without exchanging XY Axis

Modify independent ring width in doughnut and sunburst plots

In Customize: Options tab, support Auto detect by screen size, for high DPI PC, now use 32*32 icon

Support system varibale @TIZ to scale icon in range [50 200], 100 by default

In Symbol Map: Add Symbol dialog, enter UTF-32 unicide symbol to custom

Gear icon on top-right corner of the dialog to manage symbols on each tab

Template Library support moving and rearranging multiple user templates to new categories in a time

LabTalk command and mini toolbar button to set whether or not layer, plot, or graphic objects are selectable.

Support Vector Plot in Ternary Coordinate

We support to use project scope named range for Percent/Value edit box

Support XY Coordinates Mapping on Matrix for heatmap plot


Support free-hand shape ROI in 2D Integration Gadget

Added option to control default Gadget Button Size and label size above the ROI box

Convert XYZZZ columns into multiple matrix objects in same matrix sheet

Linked matrix of ROI in image window with proper XY coordinates.

  1. Added Footnote to Power result in Two Sample t-Test

  2. Added Footnote to Power result in (PSS) Two Sample t-Test

All Columns context menu in more tools to easily pick all columns as import and more…

Added Weighted ROI checkbox option to mroiprofile dialog for tiny coordinates ROI.

  1. Create ROIs with the sub-paths object’s name by Origin C

  2. Origin C support defining sub-paths object’s name by json file

  3. Set the transparency, rotation when loading the paths object by Origin C/Labtalk

  4. List all sub-paths and create optional ROI by Origin C

  5. Optionally highlight/select all sub-paths of one name by Origin C

  6. Support showing tooltip when mouse over sub-path

  7. More select and highlight feedback on SVG sub-path, set @PDBMI=1/0 to change view mode

  8. Support rescaling the paths object along with window

  9. Support relocating and resizing the paths object(Keep Aspect Ratio or not)

  10. Support Copy Geometry and Paste Geometry context menu for the paths object

  11. If paths object is attached to Layer and Scale, press Shift and choose Paste Geometry menu to open the dialog and adjust the geometry value.

Normalize Columns within group defined in other columns

Result Sheet Column output changed in some types of analysis tools

Reduce XY data by group defined in other columns

Support creating graph object from SVG file, and create ROI from the graph object.

Options to show histogram as count, relative frequency or density, improve axis title of graphs when doing statistics by group, and Dataset Identifier improvements in report sheet.

When changing parameters and change input data to be from a different sheet, group list, etc. should provide way to pick group from new sheet

Support to use acronyms for ROI names created by SVG path objects

A 4th choice “Height %“ is added to the “Filter Peaks by“ combo

Support Z value stats in 3D graph and Fade-out Outer mode

Data Handling

Alignment toolbar buttons are enabled for hyperlink cells

Enumerate column part with Ctrl+Drag

Alternate row column fill color

Default GEO information setting Export image dialog when exporting as TIF file type

Shift cell notes so cell notes will not be too small

Cell notes font control, gap from frame control and viewability in Column list view

Split Recent URLs menu into two menus, Sample URLs and Recent URLs

Support copy whole sheet as HTML table or EMF image without any selection

Support Ctrl+Shift+ Arrow key for whole row or column selection similar to Excel

Add checkbox “Export Cell Formats” in expExcel dialog

Ignore hidden rows, show border, etc.

Freeze rows and columns in worksheet

Improve iwfilter X-Function to support edit Python or LabTalk code from user defined import filter.

Hide sheets in Workbook

Improve NetCDF Connector to import NetCDF file with group property.

Support export Multiframe TIF with GeoTIFF info

Support reorder File list on bottom panel of Multiple ASCII dialog.

New notations are added to execute LabTalk script, open external file.

Improve autofill behavior for cell formula with row index

Improve the handle of cell fomula cache for better performance

Include XML connector in product with metadata imported and drag and drop support

Different treatment of merged cell in column label row and data area

Improvements when inserting workbook into layout window

Shows Auto Complete hint for the syntax of function argument.

Make moving sheets in book easier.

There is an option in the dropdown list and default to it if we detect matrix has that info.

Support merge columns by median and also support output multiple quantities

Mini toolbar to move row(s) up or down

Set imported info as read-only in Organizer.

Add Other Options button in Data connector for more options

Add preview button in expG2img dialog

Disable Editing of worksheet by adding a lock on sheet

Select columns by LabTalk Script

On Status bar, show statistics when doing selection in column label area

Skip Hidden Sheets when stacking worksheets

Hold Ctrl key and click on those already selected cells to deselect them

  1. We support export multiple frames as TIF.

  2. Export Browser Graph as Video or Multi-frame TIFF

  3. Export Image Window All Frames as Video

Added checkbox “Convert to WGS84” to dialog.

When unstacking columns, choose Custom option to specify where each grouping info. is output to

Right-click a worksheet cell and choose Insert Images from Files to open insertImag dialog, a new option Insert Direction is added to choose the direction to insert images.

Improvements on Print/Export tab of Worksheet Properties

Allow wrapping rich text in worksheet cell


add context menu for user to open App Tutorial web page

More improvements are added such as include minimized window or exclude pinned window in window arrangement

Change OPJU File Type to Origin Project

  1. Put the Folder and Window toolbar on top, right above PE, and below the Standard toolbar, in the second row, and push the ones there to the right

  2. Remove Arrow and Layout toolbar

Hold Z key, right-click and drag to change the scale.

Provide <Project Folder> in built-in File Path list of Save Window As… dialog

Added features to folder management to make it easier to navigate folders, Seesaw (toggle folders) and add shortcuts, etc.

Add Notes for a folder in Project

Press Ctrl+Enter to Retun the MDI child window

Add shortcuts of windows in another folder to activate the folder for comparison

Mini toolbar on folders on top panel of Project Explorer for common manipulation

Window menu add new items for Shortcuts

OriginProjHistory.txt in UFF

Window: Restore Window Size to restore window size and positions

Only support saving as OPJU format

Implemented support for adding number after * to set decimal places

Show menu hint as tooltip and F1 for Help


A new method adds to wks object to add button in the gap area

Add method Plot.set_cmd(self, *args) to execute labtalk set command for this data plot

Add LabTalk properties to control axis arrow and grid

1.Import op.save() function to return true/false.

2.Added plot.group property to check if a plot is in group.

  1. plot.group=0: not in a group

  2. plot.group=1: group head

  3. plot.group=2: group member

Some Apps need the same Python Package, but one needs the latest version and another one needs an older version. If both versions are in the same folder, e.g. C:\ProgramData\OriginLab\PyPackage, it will cause compatibility issues.

Origin now supports multiple PyPackage folders by setting the System Variable @PYP.

Improve the “head“ variable of to_df() function to support getting column short name

Improved Script Window with Unicode Support, etc.

A new command is introduced to convert non-SCN column formula to use SCN notation

Add a method for LabTalk String object to load from text file

Predefine mkrng function in ORGSYS.CNF file

Window long name search to favor same folder

To connect a text object to another object with the relative position method, LabTalk support was added to specify which anchor, and a way to control anchor on text frame

Origin 2023 Bug Fixes

Notes Window


Data Handling




Origin 2023 Known Issues


Crashes when opening project with inserted image in graph/layout and image file is invalid.

Not works for the single frame tiff and gif file.


For some user opju files, when choosing File: Export Graph (Advanced)… dialog, Runtime Error shows or though the dialog opens, not usable.


Script window always open if set SWFS by Preferences: System Variables dialog


Refine by Type


Refine by Category