Customize Page Grid Settings

Version: 2022

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: General

Jira: ORG-24086

Two ways to set Page Grid Settings.

  1. Active Graph/Layout, Format: Page Grid Settings/Grid Settings

  2. Graph/Layout page level mini toolbar: Show Grid: Page Grid Settings/Grid Settings

Set the offset and horizontal/vertical spacing of grids in cm or inch.

System variables to set grid colors:

  • @gc=color(255,128, 128, 1) //set layer grid color in Graph window

  • @gcp=color(255,128, 128, 1) //set page grid color in Graph window

  • @gcl=color(255,128, 128, 1) //set grid color in Layout window

Note: the 4th argument in color() function must be 1 to set these system variable with RGB colors.