Make it easier to copy graph as OLE vs PNG/HTML etc.

Version: 2022

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Export

Jira: ORG-16812

  • Simplified Settings in on Page tab of Preferences: Options. dialog, including customization of hotkey Ctrl+C.

  • Copy Page will only copy Unicode object and EMF/WMF - no more DIB or BMP

  • Copy Graph as Image dialog with theme support. Dialog allows image format selection including HTML for easy copy paste to Google Doc. Dialog also has DPI, and Size Factor controls. For PNG, there is Transparent Background checkbox.

  • Page level Mini toolbar button to open Copy as Image dialog

  • Right click graph page will also have Copy as Image… context menu.

  • Edit-> Copy Page
    Edit->Copy as Image… with saved theme showing as submenus

  • CTRL+C can be set to Copy Page or Copy Image. If set to Copy image, it will use last used settings of that dialog.