Menu and toolbar changes related to import and connector

Version: 2021b

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous

Subcategory: Setting

Jira: ORG-23339

  • Hide Data: Import From File: NI TDMS menu. Use Data: Connect From File: NI TDMS instead.

  • Hide File: New: Excel and File: Open Excel by default. System variable for Excel related menu

@MOE=0; //Default. Hide Excel related menu
@MOE=1;//show "File: Open Excel" back
@MOE=2;//show "File: New: Excel" back
@MOE=3;//show both back
  • Import ASCII and Import Excel toolbar buttons use corresponding Data connectors by default. System variable to control it

@TIB=0; /Default. Both ASCII and Excel use connector
@TIB=1;//ASCII import uses X-Function
@TIB=2;//Excel Import uses X-Function
@TIB=3;//Both use X-Function