Origin 2024 Features


For group plots, support Copy Plot button in Single tab to copy the data of selected plot

Provide GUI to control dynamic color reversal mode(@DCR)

Support Add Reference Line button in Axis mini toolbar to quickly add Reference Line

In Origin 2024, User can arrange windows arbitrarily and save those settings. Then they want to work with the windows moving them etc, and later be able to re-apply the settings to get back their saved arrangement on any DPI.

In Origin 2024, Arrange Windows dialog adds Share Active Window Size checkbox.

Easier way to change browser graph to show all plots from another sheet

Color mapping for color reversal can be customized

Turn Origin interface to dark style, including workspace, toolbars, menus, worksheet, notes window, etc.

Add Dark Mode toolbar to easily toggle dark mode on and off for GUI and window level, etc.

Customizable Dark Mode Auto Color when graph/layout background is auto

Export or copy-page graphs with or without Dark Mode settings

Add icon for sheet in Object Manager to tell if a sheet is a report sheet/Mbook sheet/Notes sheet/Hierarchal sheet/Graph sheet

Add Layout, Image, Note window type for build-in Menus tab and Add Custom Menu tab.

Add system variable @tcp to control dark mode of inserted table/worksheet

When clicking the Dark mode toolbar/menu should show the text as a popping up message box.

Turn on the left browser panel to change all plots to data from a different sheet

In Origin 2024, for HTML and Markdown in Notes window, we change to use Bootstrap framework.

Origin support customize app button icon and Toolbar Icon in light mode and dark mode

Origin support customize toolbar buttons with different toolbar bitmap in light mode and dark mode

Provide a variety of dark mode themes

Shift+Wheel to scroll horizontally

Want a system variable to control where new folder is added when using toolbar button

Support dark mode for window title bar

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