Origin 2023b Features


Adding system variable @FWD to avoid accidentally floating case when move window to upside of main MDI

For Floating window like worksheet, graph, matrix and layout, support some menu items

For Floating window like worksheet, graph, matrix and layout, support some toolbar button

Duplicate Window and Graph object by hotkey

Drag child window outside Origin’s main window.

When activate or minimize main workspace, floating window activates or hides together

Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab should include floating windows

Use Different Color on Window Name to indicate Floating

When switching to another folder in Project Explorer, the floating window still shows

A system variable to allow pinned window show when switching folders

Mix of Menus and toolbars in Floating window

Object Manager inside floating window

  1. “Show Saving Size” is added to right-click Project Explorer empty space menu,

  2. “Linked File” is added to right-click inserted picture context menu.

In Project Explorer, Ctrl+Click should deselect file when mouse is released

Labtalk command to retract all floating windows to original folders or current folder

Shortcuts in Favorite Folder Saving

Unmaximized Origin project saving and opening in different monitor resolutions should scale properly

Minimized windows will not be squeezed together

Keep the zoom level of font size in the Script Window.

In left toolbar, support Arc Tool in Line object fly-out. Draw an arc, click it, drag the anchor point to draw a large arc

.ort files can be transferred to new version’s User Files Folder, and can be published to member PCs for the Group Folder Sharing configuration.

Want tooltip to show Long Name for minimum window

Origin 2023b Bug Fixes



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