Contour Plot Contour line and label Improvements

Version: 2021b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: General

Jira: ORG-23180

Hotkey to select contour lines:

  • Ctrl+click to select contour lines of same level

  • Shift+Ctrl+click to select a specific contour line

Support Show Contour mini toolbar when clicking on label.

Better control of labels close to or outside the layer boundary, system variables to control labels outside of frame:

  • @CLO=0; //Prevent label outside layer, set to 1 to revert back to allow outside
    @CLR=0; //Reposition labels on scale change, default 0, not reposition

  • @CLI=15; //Margin in percent of layer width/height, points inside area will be preferred, set to 0 will revert back to old code.
    @CLE=5; //Percent from layer edge, to exclude, same as points outside the layer

  • Important ones are @CLO and @CLN

Add Reposition Labels button on mini toolbar since otherwise label improvements will not apply to existing graphs unless a scale change is triggered via LabTalk such as: x1=x1