Import Options for NetCDF Data

Version: 2021b

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Import

Jira: ORG-22926

  • Partial Import

  • Data Averaging

  • Longtitude Shift and Latitude Flip

  • Data Conversion

  • Subregion

During NetCDF import, click the Options button to open a dialog to customize the import

After Import click the connector icon in matrix and choose Options to adjust.

  • Specify a date range to import. For example, From: 1900-01-01, To: 2019-12-01, Read: 1, Then Skip: 1 will import 1st data in each month from 1900 to 2017

  • Supports across years or consecutive averaging with specified Interval.

  • Longitude Shift: shift from 0-360 degree view to -180-180 degree view

  • Latitude Flip: flip data that is visually upside down upon import.

    The characters y (year), m (month), and q (quarter of a year) are supported. An integer multiplier can be put in front of the character.

  • Formula: Calculations are supported on imported data via the Formula (v) edit box where v represents each individual data point. E.g.: (v*9/5)+32

  • Specify subregion to import by longitude and latitude