Default Toolbar buttons for Floating Toolbars

Version: 2023b

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous

Subcategory: Ease of Use

Jira: ORG-25961

Choose View: Toolbar… check the toolbars starting with Floating… to customize the toolbar.

  • Drag buttons to adjust orders

  • Alt+Drag a toolbar button out of Floating… toolbar back to the dialog to to remove it from Floating… toolbar.

  • Add more buttons to Floating… toolbar. E.g. how to add Print button on toolbar for floating graph widnow.

    • Choose View: Toolbar…

    • Check Floating Graph on Toolbars tab. So a Floating Graph shows in Origin workspace

    • Go to Button Groups tab, and select Standard in Groups list.

    • Drag the Print button onto the Floating Graph toolbar in workspace.

    • Closing the Customize… dialog.

    • Now make a Graph window float outside workspace. The Print button will be on the toolbar inside the floating window.