Origin 2021 Features


App Bar order based on previously used or frequency  

In app Bar context menu: Sort Apps->Recently Used is added

Copy Notes Window within or across sessions  

Copy Notes Window within or across sessions

HTML Report Ease of Use  

Some menus added related to HTML report

Let Customers to choose download new app xml  

Manually click Download now button to get new apps information

Main Menu Rework  

Social menu is added before Help menu, Help menu reorganization

Origin 2021 Bug Fixes


Error message pops up when notes window is render mode  

New a Note Window, select HTML: Load Samples: Hello World.html will pop up script error.

Fail to show download app progress info in status bar and App Center  

Fixed the bug of progress bar not showing during App download and installation.

Graph View Full Screen Issues  

Fixed the bug of when viewing graphs in full view, it failed to show based on slide index order and it failed to skip graphs that are set as Skipped

HSL value is incorrect in custom color dialog since origin2016  

The HSL value were a little different after copy and paste html color code. Fixed in Origin2021.

MRUP(most recently used projects) list issues - max of 16 and list erased when new version installed  

Increased the maximum number of recent projects list to 32.

Origin crash after run sensitivity analysis  

Origin may crash after running sensitivity analysis in Monte Carlo App.

Project Explorer Lower Panel Scroll bar auto jump to beginning when drag it to bottom  

With narrow bottom panel of Project explorer, when using scrollbar to scroll to the last window, it jumps to the beginning.

UIM issue in high DPI  

UIM objects poorly rendered in Hi DPI.


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