Origin 2021b Bug Fixes


Allow “reserved characters” in proxy authentication  
AltGr key does not work in Command window of G version  
Copy page on a certain graph crashes Origin  
Date Sorting Issue in German Theme Organizer  
Hidden Excel embedded in project shows when loading opju  
Switch Folder is too slow with big Results Log project  
Windows in subfolder Issues  

Origin 2021b Features


Allow Mouse Scroll Wheel to Control the Scroll Bar  

Mouse Scroll Wheel can scroll the whole scroll bar in vertical.

AutoSave Improvement  

Origin 2021b will keep a new "Last-AutoSave.opju"

Change default copy page ratio for graphs to 100%  

Change default value of copy page ratio for graphs to 100%

Customization on Apps gallery  

Hide Add Apps Icon and build-in tabs

Hint on locked windows in Learning Edition  

Explain why window is locked when mousing over the window in Project Explorer.

Make Start Menu more obvious  
  1. Update Start Menu button with new icon

  2. Add Help: Activate Start Menu

Menu and toolbar changes related to import and connector  

Updated toolbar buttons and menus to encourage user to use Data connectors, etc.

Provide font control for origin various outputs  

add font control in Origin.ini for message log and output window

Save Separator and Line Spacing Settings to Project  

File: Properties… menu to save separator and Line Spacing settings and then save into project file.

Support popup for custom toolbar button  

Create popup toolbar button in User-defined button group


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