Floating child window outside main window

Version: 2023b

Type: Features

Category: Miscellaneous

Subcategory: Ease of Use

Jira: ORG-25668

  • Move child windows outside main Origin window.

    • Menus in floating window

    • Customizable toolbar buttons in floating window.

    • Dockable Object Manager window in floating window

  • Window: Float Window submenus to disable this feature, or set different floating behavior.

    • Independent - minimize/restore main window will NOT minimize/restore float window

    • Synchronized - minimize/restore main window will minimize/restore float window.

    • Disable - turn off the feature

  • Window: Retract Floating Windows (Ctrl+Shift+F9) to bring all floating windows in current folder back into main window.

  • Window: Float Active Window (Ctrl+F9) Make active window floating in last used 2nd monitor.