Built-in LaTeX Support

Version: 2023b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Text, Legend and Annotation

Jira: ORG-26182

LaTeX App and MikTex installation no longer needed.

LabTalk substitution notation \q(\varphi_{\mu, \sigma^{2}}(X)) will use built-in SVG rendering by MathJax JS library.

@MKX=0 to mean use built-in LaTeX and user must manually set it to 1 to go back to old way

How it works in Graph/Layout window

  • If LaTeX text already copied from somewhere else, right click inside graph and choose Paste LaTeX

  • Insert: LaTeX Equation… menu or right click inside graph and choose Insert LaTeX Equation…

  • For mixed text and LaTeX Equation, in in-place Edit mode of text object, past in such syntax \q(…..)

  • Or in in-place edit mode of text object, right click and choose Insert: LaTeX Equation…(Ctrl+L) to open LaTeX Equation Editor dialog.

  • Right click text object and choose Properties… context menu and enter such syntax

How it works in Worksheet cell

  • Click on a cell and use mini toolbar button.

  • To see the effect, right click the cell set Data Style to RichText to turn it on.

  • If it’s column label row, click on corresponding row header and check RTF to turn on Rich Text.

How it works in Notes window.

  • Right click in Notes window and choose Insert: LaTeX Equation

Support using third party extensions of MathJax

  • Select menu Tools: LaTex Extensions to open dialog to install third party extensions.