Origin 2021b Bug Fixes


Add animation for button on 3D graph when clicked  
Additional line showed outside layer  
Arrow at begin fail to work fine when click Apply  
Axis table labels mess up when the X is out-of-order  
Bubble Plot Legend with 1st data point size=0  
Bubble Scale doesn't consider the 3D mode  
Cannot close Data Info Window  
Color scale map to plot should not use plot index  
Colormap changed when number of total level is not changed  
Column Plot Show Date Value  
Contour display issues when contour labels are rotated  
Contour Plot Display wrong color on minimum value  
Contour smoothing parameter not work for German separator  
Could not show only one decimal place for Heatmap with 1E-6  
Crash when apply settings in PD with D pressed  
Customization gone after change parameter on 2D Kernel Density Plot  
Drag to offset Table Row Title does not work properly  
Drop line and Labels do not work if there are overlapped points offset plotting  
Fail to copy and paste format for transparency  
Fail to keep aspect ratio for graph object when uniform width/height  
Fail to plot XEr bar in layer 2 and 3 in multiple layers template like 3Ys-Y-YY  
Fail to show copy image button for graph sheet  
Failed to copy axis break style and paste format  
Failed to move Sankey Nodes when Exchange X-Y Axes  
Fails to show Legend in Chord Diagram with Virtual Matrix  
Failure to Apply Copied Format to Contour Labels Settings  
Failure to set histogram binning on each layer independently in Scatter Matrix  
Flip through work incorrect when data column is descending in left panel of browser graph  
Gaps in Polar Contour Plots Fill to Grid  
Go to Bin Worksheet menu did not work if Histogram shows label  
graph object's dimensions is changed when check keep aspect ratio if units is % of page/layer  
grouped column/bar graph mess up after replacing with new data or batch plotting  
Improve the position of date & time stamp after extracting multi-panel graph  
Increase the maximum number of characters in legend  
Issues of changing bin size of histogram embedded in report sheet  
Legend Resizes for 3D Graph when placed on Layout  
Log scale axis with major increment being large like 50  
Loosen restriction on legend reverse order menu  
Merge Double-Y Column/Box Graphs Issue  
Merge Graph Issues with Sankey  
Minor tick position on date time axis  
Missing value drawing issue in contour plot  
Missing Values are connected in Line+Symbol plot when symbol is 0  
Origin crash when remove plot if there is data label  
Origin crashes when opening certain project  
Outlier and Data Points should only show one copy  
Palette Editor Edit Color Issue  
Pattern Color by Plots Fails for Box, Statistical Bar, etc.  
Polar Bar Label Position dropdown is wrong in mini-toolbar  
Polar column can not show label when value is 0  
Prohibit user from picking built-in color lists in Custom color section  
Projection should be above Map on XY Plane  
Rich Text Latex Rendering Issue  
Set same font size of text not entirely selected shows the old syntax  
Some speicific Contour Plot with Log10 scale Colormap draw wrongly in Origin 2021  
Step lines are not correct for missing values  
Text object looks bad with rotation  
The number of character for Legend Custom Format in G version is limited  
Transparency of Outliers is wrong when Transparency for Fill Only is selected  
Wrong format to save for 3D scatter with special point  
Wrong Legend Entry for Outliers when there is index column for data points  
Wrong message exists after add label for contour  
Z label value show incorrect in ternary graph  

Origin 2021b Features


Active Layer Indicator Mini Toolbar button  

New button on graph page level Mini Toolbar triggers the active graph layer indicator.

Add By Point tab for distribution curve  

Add By Points control for distribution curve colors. If user plot multiple distribution curve with overlapped panel, they could set color index to panel column.

Add Option to hide profile anchor text label  

Add None to Text Location drop-down list.

Add Scaling Factor for Line Width  

Add Scaling Factor control if plot’s line width is indexed to another column.

Add template info into the Apps XML - Template Saving part  

Save Additional information in Graph Template with @RBA=1

Arrows for Droplines  

Add Arrow Shape, Arrow Width, Arrow Length option under Drop to for drop line of each direction, in Plot Detail dialog’s drop line tab.

Batch plot with column offset  

Add batch plot with column offset mode for batch plotting

Better support Add Stats Reference Line Mini Toolbar for trellis plot  

Using layer level mini toolbar to add statistics reference line for trellis plot, now the stats reference line in sub-panel means the stats of the corresponding sub-panel

Better way to go to source data sheet from special point  

Right click special point and choose Go to Book context menu

Browser Graph Improvements  

A number of improvements and new features were added to browser graphs

Color Axis Title by Plot Color  

Add context menu: Text Color Follows Plot for axis title

Common Colormap for Multi-layer contour graphs  

Common Colormap is supported for Multi-layer contour graphs. Union scale range will be used for all layers.

Common Plot Properties should consider plot index as well  

We support plot properties by index, by name.

Contour Finding Max/Min in current domain  

We can find min and max in current XY range

Contour Plot Contour line and label Improvements  

Hotkey to select contour line and better way to positon labels to avoid being cut off by layer boundary.

Copy Coordinates  

Context menu to copy data point coordinates in graph

Copy Coordinates from Data Reader, Screen Reader, Data Tooltip  

Copy coordinates and paste column wise to other places

Copy Graph as Image can use Raster by default rather than Vector  

When using Copy Graph as Picture from Edit menu, now can use DIB type raster image by default rather than EMF by setting @CPRO=0 .

Create horizontal vertical line with SHIFT key  

Follow major software on perfectly horizontal vertical line with SHIFT

Customize single point in Box chart  

Press Ctrl key and double click a single point in box chart to customize it individually

Data Slicer in Graph  

Control filter conditions in Graph

Draw connection lines behind the box in Box Chart  

Support draw connection line behind box or bars

Durov Plot  

An alternative to the Piper Diagram to demonstrate the relationship between various ions within hydrochemical samples

Easy way to go to plot’s corresponding column  

Right click a plot and choose Go to Book context menu

Extended Graph Templates  

More than 30 extended graph templates are added in Origin 2021b’s Template Library to extend Origin’s graphing capabilities.

Font Size for Tick Label Table Title  

Separate font size control for tick label table title

Font Size in Toolbar  

Keep the same font size between in-place editing mode and text box if highlight all and set font size

Group Plots- Subgroup Properties by Column Label Label Row  

Specify plot properties such as shape, color, etc. by column label rows so column with same label will show same shape, color, etc.

Grouped Marginal Plot  

Plot different kinds of marginal plot with grouped data with highly customizable main, top and right panels.

Improved asterisk bracket  

Customize shape, rotation and style of asterisk bracket

Improved Template Library Dialog  

Redesigned Template Library dialog with more controls

Insert image background  

Easier way to add an image background in a graph

Insert Map to Graph  

Applicable map(s) show under Insert menu

Install Latex when using Insert Equation button  

Click the button will help user to install and use Latex app

Keep Layer size when merging graph windows  

In Merge Graph windows dialog, Auto is added under Page Setup->Orientation to keep layer size when merging graph windows.

Legend mini toolbar improvement  

Data Plot Legend Translation Mode button (Legend Translation Mode in 2021) improvement

Mask for grouped box chart  

Support mask both source data and output data for grouped box chart

Matrix Contour Plot Ease of Use improvement  

Check matrix units to set isometric, increase speed mode

Merge tick label table cells even if there is gap between subgroup  

Ignore Gap between subgroup if tick table label is set to merge between subgroups

Mini toolbar button to add Linear fit curve, confidence band, prediction band, etc.  

Mini toolbar button is added when clicking a plot to add linear fit curve, confidence band, prediction band, confidence ellipse (mean), confidence ellipse (prediction)

Mini toolbar for 3D Graphs  

Mini toolbar for different 3d plots, axis, layer and page

Mini toolbar for layout page  

Simplified mini toolbar to only show those related to layout page, such as Slide View and Graphs Selectable toggles

More layer mini toolbar buttons  

Isometric, Transparency, and Hide Others buttons on layer level mini toolbar

More Line Filling options  

Fill shapes with orientation/reverse orientation and subset support to split filling

Multiple Panel by Label support user-defined template  

Add an option template to plotting xf: plotbylabel (Multiple Panel by Label) and plot_gboxindexed (Grouped Box Charts - Index Data)

Network Plot  

Network plots show interconnections between a set of entities.

New Merges Graphs to Layout  

Graph: Merge Graphs to Layout… menu loads a simpler X-Function dialog to stitch graphs into layout window with page size kept

New Palette and Color List for Temperature Warming  

We add Warming.oth, Warming.pal and BuRdYl.pal Surface.pal to build. Besides, we can merge new system color info into User File Folder on installing

New Plot Highlight mode by just moving cursor  

User had to click on a plot to select it to fade away other plots by default. If this mode is turned on, User just need to mouse over a plot to highlight it. No need to click on plot.

Plot Color based on Positive Negative - Anomaly Plot  

Y Value: Plus Minus option is available for line color, symbol color(including symbol edge, symbol fill color) and pattern fill color (when there is fill under curve, and type is Normal and Fill to Base).

Put Unit to 2nd Line of Axis Title  

Axis title will show in 2 lines, 1st line with long name, 2nd line with units of the plot

Replace Increment Editor with Build Colors Dialog  

When editing color list from Plot Details dialog, use Build Colors dialog instead of Increment Editor.

Ribbon and 100% Ribbon Chart  

Connect stacked bars or 100% stacked bars by ribbon

Rotate and Shear Contour Plot  

Change Angle between axes and Start Angle for X Axis

Send Graphs to Powerpoint launches APP  

Send Graphs to Powerpoint launches APP instead of the old x-function

Show Color Scale in Image Plot  

Image plot should be plotted with color scale if it’s not plotted by image matrix.

Simplified Export Graph as Image tool  

Simpler tool to export active graph to PNG (default), BMP, JPG and TIF

Stack by lines by Offset in Column label row (metadata)  

If there is numeric value in each Y column label rows such as comments, etc., user can plot stacked line based on offset in such column label rows

Stiff Diagram and Stiff Map  

A graphical representation of chemical analyses to illustrate relative ion concentrations for multiple samples.

Sub-Pie/Column label Sums up to 100  

Label Sub-Pie/Column so sub-pie/colum adds up to 100.

Support Data Reader hittest on 3D line  

Support Data Reader on 3D scatter when only has connect line

Support Fixing column width in 3D bars  

Use Ignore Missing Data for Column/Bar Width to consider a point to gridding or not.

Support Log Scale for Histogram bin  

Add Log10, Ln, Log2 scale type in Plot Detail dialog’s Data tab.

Support overlapping and skewed histogram  

Histogram can be overlapped and skewed

Support saving plotting scripts into Graph Template  

We add the following key into template
so that we can add additional scripts in it and then it will create plots like clicking on toolbar.

Support square and flat drop line cap  

By default cap of dropline shows as circle. Set @lcpd=1 or 2 to make it square or flat.

Support Tick Label Line Spacing  

For wrapped tick labels, line spacing control is added

Surface or Contour plot XY Mapping Improvements  

Support more XY mapping for matrix data plot to matrix on other matrix sheet or worksheet columns

Transparency for Fill Only  

Support transparency for fill only in plot and graphic object

Undo of deleted graph  

Ctrl+Z after deleting a graph window

Zoom in graph with isomtric or linked axis scale  

Press shift key to disable aspect ratio when zooming

Zoom In/Out in Data Reader Mode  

Support Zoom In/Out in Data Reader mode


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