Origin 2023b Features


Support double-Y/Z for XYY 3D bars, 3D wire, 3D wall, 3D waterfall, 3D ribbon, 3D scatter, 3D bars.

When adding straight line in graph with tick labels calculated by divide by factor, user can use the calculated tick range

Align Y axes at specified value in new single-layer double Y graph.

Annotation should move with data plot when offset is changed

For multiple panel graph, click axis in any layer, click Apply Formating To button, support This Layer and This Window in the context menu to easily customize axis for different layer

For This Window, support three more context menu X Scale, Y Scale, All Scales

Fix translation mode of of labels after using Attach Legend to Plots button on legend MT button

Turn on arrow head for XYZ axis in 3D graphs

LabTalk command to intelligently reposition the Legend.

Dropbox added on box chart mini toolbar button

Using SVG drawing for LaTeX

Colormap box fill color with column label value, etc.

Keep image linked and updated when copy and paste an image from one graph or layout to other graph/windows

In graph window, drag selection in Region of Interest, support mini toolbar to Scale in or Enlarge to Separate Graph

Indicate Active Dataset button on legend level MT button

Allow further customization of stack plot labels and titles. Improves xf plotstack.

Analysis markers (e.g. peak markers and baseline markers, etc.) will not show in legend by default.

Support Bin Settings button in Histogram mini toolbar to customize Bin of Histogram

Support mixed display (what is this word supposed to be?) mode to show statistics in lower/upper triangular. More options to customize the label text. More statistical plot type for the diagonal cells.

Increased to maximum number of Histograms bins to 10,48,575.

We support map symbol shape to a column in 3D scatter plot.

SVG image object name, linked or not, file path

Insert image from file or web should be set as Linked File if file size is larger than 800kb

Allow easy placement, resizing, and rotation of SVG images in graphs

Specify reference line labels from a column

Better Partial Text Alignment. Text Property Dialog To Support Selection Alignment.

Right click on the SVG graph object and check Link File context menu.

Set Major Ticks = By Increment and Value = Year and minor ticks count as 11. There could be 12 minor ticks in the past. Now Origin has better handled such case with @AMID=1

Support rescale all axes

Show plot’s layer & group name, plot index or column designation info. in legend

We support Multiple Planes for 3D

Added More online Template for 2023b. You can get the latest online template via Tools: Template Center.

For axis with tick increment by hour(s), only show Date part of 1st tick of the day

Independent rescale margin for min and max of axis

When label is inside node in Sankey, move label could also move node

We put link to center of node, like the right part of the graph

Plot Sankey Diagram with longitude and latitude XY and then insert map as background

3D Line Tab Support Arrow

Origin support show fill entry only for fill under curve=normal or fill to base. for @LLAB, the 1st bit control whether we should show fill entry(see S6), the 2nd bit control whether we should use old style legend(fill only) for normal and fill to base. 1 to use fill only legend for normal and fill to base.

Support Lower/Upper Triangular without diagonal for label display.

Click Sort X mini toolbar button to set plot’s X to be sorted

Browser graph with lines stacked by Y offset or column label row information

Support Stacked Bars or 100% Stacked Bars on Map

Group by Sheet option to plot data same sheet together in one panel in browser graph.

Add Color Sub-Categories by Parent checkbox under fill color in Plot Details' Pattern tab.

Support Create Category in Data Highlighter Mini toolbar

Enable gradient fill group when fill color of 3D bar and XYY bar is filled by point.

Origin now support setting the line width to be index to a column.

Add Show Y Axis control for Spiral plot. You can see the control in Plot Details dialog’s Labels tab.

Vertical alignment options added for Data Info. window and tooltip window

Plot one Y against multiple X. Currently you can not plot with XXXXY or YXXXX directly for most plots.

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