Vertical Alignment option for Data Info. and Tooltip layout

Version: 2023b

Type: Features

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: Text, Legend and Annotation

Jira: ORG-26070

There used to be Horizontal alignment only when customizing data point tooltip and data info window.

In Origin 2023b, vertical alignment options are added for tooltip layout when mousing over data points and data Info. layout when using Data Reader, Data Cursor, etc.

To customize in Data Info. window, mousing over data point in graph. Right click inside the yellow tooltip and choos Preferences…

Click Pencil icon on top of column header column (Note: Vertical alignment is shared across all columns while Horizontal alignment can be independent in each column)

To customize Data Info. window when using Data Reader, double click in Data Info. window to open Preferences dialog and click Pencil icon in column header.