Column Designation Group

Version: 2023b

Type: Features

Category: Data Handling

Subcategory: Worksheet

Jira: ORG-25603

Usually the Y and Z column will belong to the X to the closest X column on the left. Origin 2023b allows user to specify which X group it belongs to.


  1. Create a 5 column worksheet. Set column C as X column as well.

  2. ? Columns will be broken into two groups. A, B in group 1 and C, D, E in group 2. See the column designation has 1 and 2.

  3. If user select column D to plot, it will use C as X.

  4. In Script window, run // press Enter key to execute it

  5. ? Now D will be marked with D(Y1). If now select column D to plot, it will be plotted against column A as its X.