Origin 2023b Features

Data Handling

Auto update of cell formula or column formula with reference to linked variables

Support appending certain 3D Variable as Columns in same sheet.

Use wks.colN.group to specify which group the Nth column belongs

Duplicate sheet with more files context menu” to import more files with same import settings

Added Connect by Duplicating Active Sheet to context menu for Data Navigator.

Loading last used file info. in the dialog can be confusing and add All Files to File Type for CSV Connector.

For the 4D matrix book, add ROI then do Create New or Extract XYZ. And it will generate the active sheet’s result. Switching sheets to check diff sheets' result.

Added menu “Custom File Extensions…” to CSV Connector and Import Filter Connector to customize file extensions.

Delete Hidden Rows is added in Reduce Rows dialog

Reduce rows by deleting whole row based on missing or masked value in reference column

Support drag and drop SVG files into Graph/Layout to insert.

Set @ds =1 and import CSV data with higher precision and save project. Project level system variable @dsp will be set to 1970 for the opju.

Change HTML and Markdown to use CEF engine.

Make it easier to import tables on web to workbook

Support multiple select for HTML tables in Data Navigator, and import into active sheet.

Added LT script: wbook.dc.URL$

Improved paste Ctrl+V to check TAB, comma and semicolon.

Support Boolean type and copy paste or import data from Excel

Set long_name of NetCDF data to matrixobject comment

Insert: Image from Web… supports url links with SVG image

For the 4D matrix book, add ROI then do intensity profile. And it will generate all sheets' intensity profile result.

Allow to disable the connect to cloud/web features for all clients

If image is linked, Origin project file size will be small and the image will auto update if external file changes

wks.dc.script$ for post import script

Matrix Book LT property to indicate matrix sheets are depths/levels of 4D object

Click Digitizer toolbar button will check if there is image on clipboard first

Cell formula calculates with missing value show as empty in label cell

Import 1st level instead of middle level

Auto detect single cell matrix and import into worksheet column instead.

If dense data is averaged into daily data, then matrix name will be show date info. only

New design for LT script to open XFs dialog.

Make it easier to find the exported file in folder

Remember the Prefer Long Name option status in Set Values dialog

Show contents of found cell by Find tool in the Formula Bar

When import colorful image, it supports generating the intensity profile result base on RGB value of each cell.

In order to check all sheets' dimension, add the Dimension Column in workbook/matrix’s Navigator.

System variable @upa added

Show cursor in SQL Editor so user knows see where it is going to insert

Shows information like: [Columns x Rows x Number of Matrix Objects] on the Status Bar

* will be highlighted when double clicking a table on left panel of SQL Editor

Not allow insert/delete/add sheet or drag sheet out into new book, when import 4D NetCDF variable into Matrixbook as 4D.

Add new functions to calculate RMSE, MBE, and MAE

Support importing 4D NetCDF to Matrixsheet as 4D.





If need to repeat import multiple groups of files, then create a workbook connecting to a group of files, and use clone import to select other groups of files to import.

For the 4D matrix book(the 4th dimension is sheets), the single ROI will be displayed across matrix sheets.

Add convert text to outlines checkbox in expg2img dialog for EMF and SVG

Resize and rotate SVG image inserted in graph/layout

Unfreeze Mini toolbar when clicking on frozen column/row/cell

Auto decide Image/Data mode depending on matrix size and keep modified view

Show the Flip Colormap button on Mini toolbar for matrix when it is in the view image mode. And it’s after the Palette button.

We add new X-Function to export as Excel and call it expxls

Disallow insert/delete rows if worksheet in protection

Improve Worksheet Query tool and wxt X-Function to select rows by default


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