Origin 2024b Features

Data Handling

For now scope info and tooltip for symbol plot are added to svg

Support copy file path/ID and locate to imported file when change data source

We have made it easier to find cells with DDE links.

Support delete and change scope of multiple defined named ranges

Better support transparent background when export PNG

Improve import speed for NetCDF Connector.

Empty column label/metadata rows are now trimmed when transposing worksheets.

JSON Connector supports importing files in the JSON5 format.

improve wbk.DC.newsheet() function to support “Connect by Duplicating Active Sheet”.

This new feature allows users to easily copy and paste the mask condition of some column(s) to other(s).

Improvements for the fill column with pattern date/time values tool

Added On Folder Change option to Auto Import menu.

When user make any changes to an invisible selection, the selection will comes back into view

Support has been added for connecting or opening files on a SharePoint server using the Connect to Web dialog.

Add a new object to the wks.dc object to support “Nested Arrays as Columns” when import JSON

Support real time drawing for graph object in workbook

Support open and save project file from cloud.

New tools are available to reshape Date/Time data.

Transparent Background checkbox in Export Graph dialog for PNG and TIFF image types

Update HDF5 dll version to 1.14.3

Update CDF dll version to 3.9.0

Update Matlab dll version to 1.5.26

Update NetCDF dll version to 4.9.2.

Update SPSS SAV dll version to 28.0.1

Origin 2024b Bug Fixes

Data Handling


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