Origin 2021b Bug Fixes

Data Handling

Colored inner points issue in Cluster Gadget  
Compatibility issue for Gadgets selected plots  
Connector reimport from graph is much slower  
Crash When Importing NetCDF File  
CSV Connector More Issues  
Curve Translate issue with Sampling Interval  
Data Connector LT LabTalk support Issues  
Excel Connector Issues and Bugs  
Gadgets: "Go to Report Worksheet" is disabled after outputting to same book  
Import entire folder fails  
Import speed is very slow when binary data is under network path  
Import Wizard Truncates Rows When Importing Multiple Binary Files via Start New Columns  
Pop up Calling members of unattached wrapper class after clear Show Asymptote  

Origin 2021b Features

Data Handling

Add Dynamic Ends context menu in GUI  

When specify input range for some tools, a new context menu Dynamic Ends is added to fill range with 0 notation, which means dynamic end and allows keeping the operation when input column is removed or added.

Allow XYZ Gridding to Trim Data for Non-Rectangular Data  

A new option No Extrapolation outside Boundary (default unchecked) is added to trim data for non-rectangular data.

Appending Worksheet Improvements  

Use Book long name as dataset identifier and option to Append to End of Each Column

Autofill with sheet name in cell formula  

Support increasing sheet number when auto fill by introduce multiple equal sign with string concatenate.

Better Print Default for Worksheet  

Turn on grid lines in printout by default. Add Print Setup button in Print Preview dialog

Clear Rows Above selection  

Mini toolbar is added to clear data above the selected cell, range or row

Copy, paste, import and export ROI positions  

Copy & paste ROI positions and save and load ROI position for future use

Create new matrix and extract XYZ data from ROI  

Create matrix sheet copy of data or extract XYZ data inside ROI

Create ROIs from XY Data in Worksheet  

Create ROI objects from XY data, including XY data from shapefile

CSV Connector Improvements  

Improvements includes sparkline, column plot designation, book long name, file with unicode fullwidth code for characters

Customize ROI and Position  

ROI color, pattern and fill customization and ROI Position dialog for rectangle ROI

Data Connector for .RAW file format from Thermo Fisher Scientific  

Added MSRawFile Connector to support importing .RAW file format from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Data Filter Improvements for Date handling  

Improve the usage for Data Filter when handling Date data.

DC Icon Menu to Reset Post Import Actions  

Added a new menu item Reset Post Import Actions to Data Connector menu.

decompress netCDF  

Add X-Function nccopy to decompress NetCDF file.

Enhancements to Worksheet Calculations  

Several new functions have been added in this version to further facilitate worksheet calculations:

Excel Connector to Support Partial Import  

Support Partial Import for Excel Connector.

Export Image Stack as Video  

Export Image stack in matrix as GIF, TIFF and AVI video.

Export Worksheet Data into PE structure  

Support <PE Path> in Export Worksheet

Extend Day limitation for HH in Time Format  

Extend the limitation from 240 to 548 which is 1.5 year now.

Extract Units from Long Name  

If units are included in long name label row by (), [], and separators, user can use this tool to extract units.

File: New: Matrix: menu change and New Book dialog  

Construct menu or new matrix based on template

Freeze beginning columns or rows  

Freeze beginning columns or rows so they always show

Generate XY Grids  

Generate XY Grid matrices of a matrix.

Image Plot Palette uses settings in Image View of Matrix  

The image plot should use the same colormap, zscale and missing value color as the matrix image mode

Import Options for NetCDF Data  

Options include partial import, data averaging, longitude shift, latitude flip, data conversion, subregions

Improve the Performance of Worksheet Rendering with Many Hidden Columns  

Import the performance when worksheet contains many hidden columns.

Improved NetCDF Connector for Climate Data  

Detect and automatically convert climate-based data in NetCDF files

Intensity Profile  

Get Intensity profile of active ROI or all ROIs on all matrices in sheet

Introduced SQLite database connection  

SQLite import and export is now available in Origin. Users can import SQLite files using the Database Connector, and easily export/update worksheets as tables in a SQLite database file.

Issue with User Defined, Python-based Import Filters  

Improved handling for locating *.PY file associated with import filters. Support multiple sheets for Import Filter Connector.

Issues about averaging irregular NetCDF file  

Improved the handling of files with irregular dates, e.g. some dates missing, etc.

Linear Fit of Matrix Stack  

linear fit each pixel across all matrices in sheet

Make Comments edit box resizable in the Name and Comments dialog  

New option is introduced and implemented in the Comments edit box of Name and Comments dialog.

MATLAB DC: Improve import speed for large files  

Added a system variable @MLAM=64 for MATLAB Connector to specify maximum number of elements in various arrays to show in Data Connector Browser and Data Navigator.

Matrix dimension expands when copying data into it  

System variable @MPE is added. Default is 1 to auto expand matrix dimension when pasting data if there is only 1 matrix object.

Matrix Resize  

Resize all matrices in sheet

Matrix Stack Basic Statistics  

Statistics on all matrices in sheet

Menu to show Views in table list  

Add a new menu item under View menu to show Views in Table list.

Missing Value improvements in Matrix  

Set missing value color in image view, and specify a value to be treated as missing value in matrix

More context menu for data filter icon  

Paste Filter, Load Filter, Save Filter added

More flexible cell formula notation  

Cell formula can now use string variable and cell address.

Multiple ROIs in Matrix  

Support multiple ROIs in matrix

Navigator Add Variable to Active Sheet or New Sheet  

3D Array should add into new Matrix. Worksheet Data Connector Browser can add 3D node

NetCDf Add and Connect Sheet need to use previous settings  

Add and connect sheet(s) in Data Navigator will use last settings for NetCDF Connector.

NetCDF Connector Time, offset, scale conversion  

NetCDF Connector support data conversion after import.

NetCDF Export  

Export NetCDf data from matrix stack via File: Export: NetCDF…

NetCDF matrix object stack share same Z scale  

By defaults, all matrix objects from a NetCDF file share the same Z scale meaning that, when going from one matrix to the next, the colormap will be consistent.

New Book Dialog  

Redesign of New Book dialog for workbook and matrix

Origin File connector to support cell formula  

Support interpreting cell formula in Origin File connector.

Palette support for Matrix Image view  

Set palette for all matrix object by style toolbar

Partial Import notation for TDMS data.  

Partial Import for TDMS Connector

Pixel Extraction in Matrix with Image View  

Pixel extraction from a point or reference column

Set Matrix Label  

Specify matrix labels by a worksheet column

Shapefile Connector  

Added Shapefile Connector to import Shapefile data.

Simple Math  

Perform element-wise arithmetic on two matrices

Speed improvement of compressed NetCDF file import  

Improve the speed of decompressing data and show pregress on status bar

Subtract Matrices  

Subtract matrices in sheet by another matrix

Support copy multiple formula labels in one time  

Copy multiple cells in F(x) label row is supported now.

Support Matlab date time variable in newer version file  

Matlab Connector supports Matlab date time variable in newer version file(mat 7.3).

Support Rename sheet in Navigate Worksheet dialog  

Double click corresponding name/comment, etc. to rename.

Tooltip of matrix object  

Long Name and Comment on the tooltip of matrix

Unlock Imported Data  

Unlock Imported Data context menu is added to unlock imported data.

Using Slider to go to corresponding matrix  

Useful for sheet with many matrices.

Various Ease of Use issues  

Auto delete object named as autodel after import.

Web DC Issues  

When connect to web, wks.DC.Path$ will set to the temp absolute file path.

Worksheet convert to XYZ supports selected region  

Add a new option Convert Range, and user can convert selected region only by choosing the Specified Ranges item.

Also, improve the trim missing value feature, so the whole XYZ point will be removed once there is missing value in any of them, X or Y or Z.


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