Origin 2024 Features

Data Handling

New column format Binary is introduced

New mini toolbar button to apply user-defined parameter row(s) to other sheets

Load Color List and Edit Color buttons added

Improved JSON Connector to support auto detect date time, and import it as date time data.

When set column type to binary after import, re-import should keep column type as binary.

Convert to XYZ tool supports Text value for Z data

Support Copy Transposed based on selection

Import CSV Connector to support “yyyy/MM/dd“ date format.

Added a system variable @IPKF to control which column format would be kept after import.

CSV Connector supports append rows to import more files by scripts.

A new mini toolbar is added to easily copy data from all subranges.

Show plot selection and data highlighter effect when copy graph as picture or export graph

Import impFileSel X-Function to support impMSExcel X-Funtions.

Smartly change column format on pasting whole column with Date data

Improved import speed of impMSExcel X-Function and Excel Connector for large excel file import.

Improve the r2m x-function tool to support conversion options

Support Apply button and switching columns in Fill Columns With dialogs

Increase the limitation of sheets in a book

Support inserting discontinuous rows and columns

Support Merge Multiples By option in the wjoinbycol and wjoinbylabel XF tools

Add Clear mini toolbar button for single worksheet cell or worksheet range

If Origin is in dark mode, Scintilla Editor should print in light mode

Add a new function Rank() and show it under the function menu in SCV dialog

Move Data Manipulation menu items to other menu

Support setting column label row as categorical

We can export wks data as ESRI Shapefile (SHP)

When paste data from Excel, Origin will do a smart checking to detect heading rows and paste to column label.

Also, when paste or import to column label, if there are at least three cells with common Date/Time format, then the label will be set as Date/Time format.

Put value in output sheets label when split worksheet by value change , and use sheet label when appending sheets

Support set format for the Long Name, Units, and Comments label row

Delete matrix book then undo is available.

Use Data Highlight to select subset and add them as new columns

A new system variable @UPM can be used to control this (default = 1 means to include the graph objects and this fix, or 0 to use old behavior)

Improved BioLogic Connector to support choose variable(s) to import.

Add a new main menu Restructure to put data restructuring tools together

Show more info for worksheet in the status bar

Improved XML Connector to support UTF-8 and UTF-16 files.


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