Origin crash after open specific oggu file

Version: 2020b

Type: Bug Fixes

Category: Graphing

Subcategory: General

Jira: ORG-21506

1.Search "Heatmap with Significant Mark" in Origin Start, and open the sample
2.active Kendall1 worksheet and select all, select Plot: contour: Heatmap with Label
3.X Value in Column Label, Column Label=Long Name, Y value in 1st column in selection, ok
4.open PD, go to colomap tab, click Fill header, change Color Generation to 3-Color Limited Mixing, From #F14040 to #1A6FDF, middle is white, middle position is by value =0, ok
5.double click Y axis, open axis dialog, select reverse checkbox in scale tab,
6.uncheck tick label, line and ticks, title for bottom, and select tick label, line and ticks for top
7.go to tick label: format tab of top axis, select rorate=90, ok
8.save project.
9.open the file, then new project
==> crash

Fixed in Origin2020b.